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oxengageOur Engage programme on the use of digital technologies in impact, outreach and engagement is now well under way. Slides are now available online from last week’s presentation on the OxReach crowdfunding platform project, and the considerable engagement required for successful crowdfunding and crowdsourcing (download slides [PDF]).

Slide from OxEngage Crowdfunding presentations showing lots of postit notes with recommendations

Recommendations from OxReach’s slide deck about crowdfunding [link to PDF]

To find out about forthcoming Engage sessions, read on.

Fingers poised over a dusty touchscreen, a heart marked in the dust

14 February 2017 engage: Diversify your teaching with digital tools. This is a ‘birds of a feather’ networking opportunity for teaching with technology, about getting together teaching staff to meet colleagues, fostering a community of sharing experience, knowledge, skills, and digital tools, and to raise awareness of the University’s Digital Education Strategy.

Led by Jocelyne Hughes, Continuing Education; Lucy Tallents, Zoology, (both from the SHOAL project); Xavier Laurent and Steve Burholt, both learning technologists in Academic IT Services.

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Interior of the Ashmolean Museum staircases

15 February 2017 engage: Creating a web content strategy, about how to get visitors to engage with your website (specifically looking at The Ashmolean Museums and the Oxford MOSAIC web content management platform.

Led by Georgina Brooke, Gardens, Libraries and Museums (GLAM) group.

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21 February 2017 engage: Wikidata for engaging your students and the wider public by visualising research. [Isis, Thames Suite, IT Services 13 Banbury Road]Powered by WIKIDATA

Led by Martin Poulter, Bodleian Libraries Wikipedian in Residence;

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24 February 2017 engage: Virtual Reality in education about engaging apps, technologies, and techniques for virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR). [Evenlode, Thames Suite, IT Services 13 Banbury Road]A man uses a VR headset, with controllers in his hands

Led by Harry Jordan (Experimental Psychology), Chris Paton (Tropical Medicine), Simon Purins (Age Exchange), Richard Smith (Bodleian Radcliffe Science Library), Fridolin Wild (Brookes University).

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28 February 2017 engage: Wikipedia and Wikimedia for public engagement, about collaborating with Wikipedia to engage outside the University.Wikimedia family of logos

Led by Martin Poulter, Bodleian Libraries Wikipedian in Residence

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1 March 2017 engage: The form of publishing – on experimenting with academic output, about (O A R: The Oxford Artistic and Practice Based Research Platform, (an online journal and research platform).Mercier, Julien. ‘Impossible Knowledge.’ O A R: The Oxford Artistic and Practice Based Research Journal Issue 0 (2016)

Led by Anita Paz (Ruskin School of Art)

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Watch out also for workshops on impact measurements for public engagement on social media, as well as an exciting visit to the Ruskin School of Art, and the screening of the documentary film “Meeting in no man’s land”. Watch this space along with the Engage Facebook page and follow #OxEngage to hear all the latest updates.

Image credits:

  • Engage logo – Kate Lindsay;
  • Dusty touchscreen, Flickr member francois schnell (CC BY 2.0);
  • Ashmolean Museum, Flickr member Garrett Coakley (CC BY-NC 2.0);
  • Virtual reality, Flickr member Pricenfees (CC BY 2.0);
  • Wikimedia Logo family (CC BY-SA 3.0);
  • ‘Impossible Knowledge’ and O A R by Julien Mercier, from ‘O A R: The Oxford Artistic and Practice Based Research’ journal Issue 0 (2016) (CC-BY-NC).
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