Corpus Christi College education roadshow

The Pelican sundial erected in 1581 by Charles Turnbull in the Corpus Christi College front quad

The Pelican sundial erected in 1581 by Charles Turnbull in the Corpus Christi College front quad

On Thursday 1st June 11am-2pm why not pop into Corpus Christi College to see the University’s learning technologists – and:

  • Experience virtual reality (VR);
  • Hear how technologies like VR are already in use in the University; and
  • Try a touchscreen computer with a difference!

All University members are welcome!

The College’s IT manager has worked with Dr Xavier Laurent, Technology Enhanced Learning group (Academic IT Services), to put on this roadshow in the seminar room of Corpus Christi College. More information is available on the Digital Education Strategy website including a poster to print and display, where you can also find lots of ideas for digital tools and techniques to add to your learning or teaching.

A computer model from the Cabinet project of The Pelican Sundial erected in 1581 by Charles Turnbull in the front quad of Corpus Christi College

A computer model (which you can navigate in a myriad of ways in the Cabinet project) of The Pelican Sundial

Academic and student explore the touchscreen TV capability using a blood cell visualisation model

Using the touchscreen TV to explore a blood cell visualisation model

On 1st June Xavier will be using the VR kit from the Bodleian Libraries to show you e.g. the Computational Biology Research Group’s collaborative exploration of the potential of VR to visualise and manipulate fluorescence microscopy data. You can chat with Xavier about other technologies for learning and teaching. What about the brand-new portable touchscreen TV technology for teaching with interactive models? You can see those from Cabinet: Digital Transformation of Teaching through Objects. E.g. the amazing visualisation of the Pelican sundial erected in 1581 by Charles Turnbull in the Corpus Christi College front quad.

“Why demo touchscreen technology? …It’s straightforward to use, and has great applications for teaching and research.”
Steve and Xavier, the learning technologists

Please do pop in and see Xavier and tell your friends and colleagues about this event. You do not need to teach or study at Corpus Christi College to join us on 1st June.

Talk to us at the event, and for more in-depth help please book your FREE consultation with the University’s learning technologists, based in Academic IT Services’ Technology-Enhanced Learning group, who can help you with ideas and approaches that are changing teaching and learning – online, face-to-face, or both. Our experience and work are integral to spreading the word about the Digital Education Strategy, and the unofficial mantra “Pedagogy first!” informs all we do.

Image credits:

  • The Pelican sundial by Alun Edwards
  • Other photos: Steve Burholt, Xavier Laurent
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