Data Modelling and Migration Service

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The Academic IT Research Support Team can help you with data modelling and the migration, digitisation, or conversion of existing data.  All researchers deal with data at some point, this could be ancient texts, excel spreadsheets, word documents, databases, web pages, statistics, images, or reports from equipment.

Our Data Modelling and Migration Service can help you ensure that the data are well-structured to enable you to answer your research question. We can help you decide what format(s) might be best for the management, analysis, and long-term preservation stages of your research. We can help you create data models, schemas, templates, relationship diagrams, online and offline databases, hosted on your machine, in your department, or in the cloud. We can work with individual researchers and/or their departmental IT Support officers to find the right solution for that project.

We can advise on how to:

  • organise your data and its relationships
  • design a database for the most flexible research questions
  • reap the benefits of online cloud-hosted databases
  • select open international standards for your data
  • choose appropriate metadata vocabularies
  • find possible tools for data conversion
  • avoid potential pitfalls in data structures
  • fix bugs in your existing data transformations
  • use Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and other cloud services

We can help by:

  • discussing your data with you
  • creating and documenting a data model
  • reorganising the structure of your data
  • creating a database using a variety of software
  • migrating a database from a desktop to online
  • de-duplicating records in large datasets
  • cleaning data based on a set of defined rules
  • converting your data into different formats
  • working with your departmental IT Support

Get in touch: If you want help structuring, creating, or migrating your research data then contact us via our team email address at

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