Designing accessible web pages

The next meeting of the WebLearn User Group (Monday 7 July 2014 – booking required) will focus on two issues:

  • Writing accessible web pages
  • Copyright of learning materials


The Disability Resources and Services (DRS) unit at Temple University in Philadelphia USA provides many resources, videos and additional helpful information about students with disabilities. Have a look at their website:

Did you know that “Careless use of HTML tables to provide a columnar page layout can result in confusing presentation of information in non-graphic browsers, where the effect might be of reading from left to right the first line of each column of a newspaper, then the second line of each column, and so on” (Sloan, 2002).

The attached guide from DRS (web-accessibility_Temple University USA) provides information and a collection of resources about Web Accessibilty, including how to check the accessibility of the web pages you want students to use.


Sloan, D. (2002). Creating accessible e-learning content. In L. Phipps, A. Sutherland & J. Seale, Access All Areas: disabilitly, technology and leanring. JISC TechDis Service and ALT. Available at

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