Programmatically removing components from a MS Dynamics form or view

The ‘additive’ nature of CRM deployments means that it can be easier to add components to an instance of CRM than it is to remove them. With the additive model, even if you delete a component from your development environment … Continue reading

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Formatting the output of LINQPad’s DumpContainer

LINQPad’s Dump Containers can be used as a way of outputting some data to a static place within the output pane. A good example of this would be to display a timer or counter on the screen whilst a particular … Continue reading

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System.IO.FileLoadException and other errors in plugins deployed by CRM developer toolkit to Dynamics 2015

On creating a new plugins project for our Dynamics 2015 organisation with the latest version of the Dynamics 365 Developer Toolkit we were experiencing all sorts of errors, either on deployment or on execution. On trying to register a plugin … Continue reading

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