Using the Plugin Registration tool with MFA-enabled accounts in Dynamics 365

I was finding it impossible to connect to Dynamics 365 using the Plugin Registration Tool with an account which has Multi-Factor Authentication enabled. With older versions of the Toolkit, I was just getting stuck in a loop where I’d successfully … Continue reading

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Creating an OrganizationService connection to Dynamics 365 Online v9.0

I recently tried to use the sample code in the Dynamics 365 SDK (also available here) to create a connection in code to the Dynamics CRM v9 Organisation service. No matter what I did, I could not get the sample … Continue reading

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Can I get single quotes with my FetchXML, please?

“I’d like my FetchXML with double quotes, please”, said no Dynamics developer, ever. If you ever export FetchXML from the Advanced Find tool in Dynamics, you’re most likely doing this because you want to use that FetchXML in code somewhere. … Continue reading

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System.IO.FileLoadException and other errors in plugins deployed by CRM developer toolkit to Dynamics 2015

On creating a new plugins project for our Dynamics 2015 organisation with the latest version of the Dynamics 365 Developer Toolkit we were experiencing all sorts of errors, either on deployment or on execution. On trying to register a plugin … Continue reading

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