EET postcard - frontThe Education Enhancement team provides expert advice and guidance to the University community on:

  • Innovative teaching and learning with digital technologies: sharing ideas and examples of creative practice, including our collection of case studies;
  • The digital experience: researching how, why, when, and where students and teaching staff engage with technology;
  • Knowledge exchange and public engagement: advising on tools and strategies for building an effective online presence, including the annual Engage: Social Media Michaelmas programme;
  • Crowdsourcing for research or outreach: training in the Oxford Community Collection Model.


We also coordinate a number of externally funded projects in education enhancement, focusing on innovation, building and sharing knowledge, evaluation, and improving learning. In addition, we work with other University departments or outside organisations to prepare funding proposals for projects that involve our services, and can manage either the whole project or individual work packages, as required.

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The Education Enhancement team is part of the Academic IT group at IT Services, University of Oxford.

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