LTG Announce: Michaelmas Term 13 – Week 5

  1. Featured LTG case study – Streaming lectures with WebEx
  2. Recent WebLearn upgrade was a success
  3. University Teaching Awards
  4. Engage: Social Media Michaelmas talks next week
  5. Upcoming WebLearn and Turnitin courses
  6. Courses to help you optimise your website
  7.   Job vacancy: Part-time Course and Events Officer

1. Featured LTG case study – Streaming lectures with WebEx  

WebEx is a web conferencing service that gives participants the tools to seamlessly collaborate and share information.

During the clinical part of a medical course, students in  Medical Science Division at Oxford work on rotations. These include periods in district general hospitals, which can be many miles away from Oxford. Because students are absent at different times, it is not possible to timetable lectures when they are all in the University. To address this challenge, Medical Sciences uses WebEx videoconferencing software for live webcasting lectures in years 4 to 6. WebEx provides both web and audio conference facilities, and allows participants to share presentations, applications, and even the entire desktop. They can view video, chat to each other, and contribute to a whiteboard.

An advantage of live streaming with WebEx is the possibility for students to interact with the lecturer by sending questions over and comments a chat-like system. These can be captured and stored, along with the lecture itself, in server space provided by WebEx. A URL with the link to the lectures can then be placed in WebLearn so that students can revisit the lecture at a later date.

More information:

2 . Recent WebLearn upgrade was a success

WebLearn was upgraded on 12th November 2013 to version 2.8-ox8. The upgrade has brought significant improvements in many areas.  Some highlights include:

  • Brand new version of Sign-up Tool
  • Updated Graduate Training (SES) Tool
  • Improvements to the Resources tool
  • Web pages are rewritten on-the-fly so that non-secure blocked content can be temporarily displayed
  • Under ‘My Active Sites’, ‘mouse-over text’ will displays the target URL to allow disambiguation
  • HTML WYSIWYG editor is available on iPad

More details can be found at  

3. University Teaching Awards

The Open Access Training Team won an award for the support of learning and teaching at the recent University Teaching Awards ceremony.  The team included staff from IT Services, Research Services and Bodleian Libraries. The team was recognised for delivering support for Open Access in the form of workshops, online information and an enquiry line.

4. Engage: Social Media Michaelmas talks next week

Communicating Science
Monday 18 November 12.30-13.30
Rob Simpson, Zooniverse, Department of Physics
More info and booking:

Crowdsourcing community collections – The Oxford Community Collection Model
Tuesday 19 November 12.30-13.30
Alun Edwards, Education Enhancement Team, IT Services
More info and booking:

Digital media: Concepts of creating a video
Wednesday 20th November 14.00-17.00
More info and booking:

Twitter for academia
Thursday 21st November  12.30-13.30
Kate Lindsay, Educational Enhancement Team, IT Services
More info and booking:

The complete programme can be found at

5.  Upcoming WebLearn and Turnitin courses

WebLearn: Tools to support teaching and learning
Thursday 21 November 14:00-17:00
More information and booking:

WebLearn Bytes: Tests and quizzes
Tuesday 26 November 12:30 -13:30
More information and booking:

Plagiarism: Interpreting originality reports using Turnitin
Monday 18 November  12: 40 -13:40
More information and booking:

6. Courses to help you optimise your website

Google Analytics: An overview
This session will open your eyes to the insights that Google Analytics can give about the visitors to your web sites.
Thursday 28 November 09:15-12:15
More information and booking:

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO): The basics
Hear from the experts about simple techniques to make sure your web pages get noticed.
Wednesday 11 December 09:15-17:15
More information and booking:

7. Job vacancy: Part-time Course and Events Officer
Closing date s: 27 November 2013

Working in the Courses and Events team you will assist the work of IT Services by supporting the organisation and successful running of events and courses at IT Services and also provide administrative support to the Academic IT group.  More details:

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