LTG Announce: Michaelmas Term 13 – Week 8 (last one this term)

1. Featured LTG case study – A Mobile Interactive Whiteboard System to Support Problem-Based Learning

2 . The future of digital media at Oxford

3.  WebLearn improvements as a result of the recent upgrade

4.  News and events from the OSS Watch team

5.  New features from Turnitin

6.  Free WebLearn information session

7. Live-streamed events from Physics department

8.  IT Services Online Advent calendar


1. Featured LTG case study – A Mobile Interactive Whiteboard System to Support Problem-Based Learning

The MSc in Clinical Embryology is a taught postgraduate course in the Nuffield Department of Obstetrics & Gynaecology which aims to inspire future clinical and scientific leaders in the field of assisted reproductive technology. Dr Kevin Coward, the Course Director, and his colleagues employ a repertoire of teaching methods including lectures, group tutorials, laboratory practical classes, self- and class-directed problem-based learning, and in-house demonstrations by visiting companies. The introduction of a mobile interactive whiteboard in the department’s ‘wet’ laboratory has significantly improved the student learning environment by facilitating swift and efficient dissemination of teaching materials, and permitting easier viewing of microscopic images. Furthermore, the whiteboard was deployed to pioneer a novel problem-based learning technique in which student groups run their own practical class for peer groups, including briefing and debriefing.

Further details about this project:

2 . The future of digital media at Oxford

On 29 November Melissa Highton, Director of Academic IT at University of Oxford spoke to the Oxford Digital Media Users Group (DMUG) about the Future of Digital Media at Oxford.   If you missed the talk, here is the summary:

3 . WebLearn improvements as a result of the recent upgrade

WebLearn was upgraded on 3rd December 2013 to version 2.8-ox8.1.  Some highlights of the improvements:

Signup Tool

  • Usernames can now be used to sign up people for an event
  • Schedule no longer needs to be present in a site for signup to generate ‘ics’ (calendar) files for events

Site Info

  • When duplicating a site, short (WebLearn) URLs that point to the current site are updated to the new short URL
  • Internal subgroups containing more than one role group (e.g. Role: access, Role: maintain) are updated based on changes in site membership.
  • Oxford Podcasts ‘feed picker’ now works on Internet Explorer

Graduate Training (formerly SES) Tool

  • The wording of reminder emails has been improved
  • Researcher Development Framework Categories are now mapped to courses


  • One can now subscribe to a calendar which contains attachments from within the Schedule tool
  • Uploaded files (in Resources) which have spaces in their names are now download correctly in Internet Explorer and Chrome
  • Survey results can now be exported via Internet Explorer and Chrome for surveys that have a comma in the name

If you would like to suggest improvements, please use our WebLearn User Voice ( service.

More details of the upgrade can be found at

4. News and events from the OSS Watch team

  • Seminar: Levelling the playing field for open source in procurement

Scott Wilson, Service Manager for OSS Watch

12:30-13:30Tuesday 10 December

IT Services (HBS) 23 – 38 Hythe Bridge Street

Sign-up via Weblearn:

To get the best value in procurement we need to be able to assess the widest possible field of solutions, free and open source software (FOSS) solutions included. Are we open to FOSS solutions, and what tools and training do we need to evaluate open and closed software solutions fairly side by side? In this session we will discuss strategy, policy, process and practice for levelling the playing field for all forms of software solutions. We will discuss recent public sector policy and examine case studies of successful FOSS procurements.  Some background reading at

  • Mark and Scott recently delivered a very successful training course for the TYPO3 community in Germany. They will be delivering an online version of the training for the Apereo community (incl. Sakai) in the new year. The course topics included community development, communications, governance, leadership and conflict resolution.  Have a look at the materials here:

5. New features from Turnitin

Turnitin is an electronic text matching system that can be used to find text matches between students’ submitted work and existing electronic sources, including extensive databases of electronic articles, other student assignments, and the internet. It can be used either as an external service, or integrated with the submission of assignments in WebLearn.  In both cases, student work is compared with the Turnitin database which grows by 120,000 to 200,000 papers per day.

Here is a list of recent improvements that are now available in Turnitin:

  1. The downloaded version of the Originality Report is now in colour, to match the colour-coding of the online Document Viewer.
  2. PowerPoint files are now accepted by Turnitin and can be marked using GradeMark. Only the text is currently checked for similarity, but checking of images will be coming soon.
  3. Turnitin is now available on iPads – both Originality checking and GradeMark.
  4. There is an interactive tutorial on using GradeMark, in which you actually use it to mark a submitted document.
  5. Students using TurnitinUK (direct) can now upload their documents from Google drive or DropBox.

Find out more about all these features from the Oxford University Turnitin blog: , or at

6.  Free WebLearn information session

Has your department, faculty, library or college often thought you would like to make use of WebLearn but are not sure where to start? Are you an academic wanting to make more use of WebLearn’s teaching, learning and assessment opportunities?

The central WebLearn team is happy to come and present a 1-hour information session and overview of WebLearn at your venue (minimum 5 people). Use this opportunity to plan for the new term.

Contact the team at with the subject line: WebLearn information session.

7. Live-streamed events from Physics department

The Educational Media Team (EMT) offered a live stream of the “Flash Talk Physics” event for all to enjoy on 4th December. The event showcased the very best in cutting-edge physics research with many of the University’s top researchers giving bite-size 10 minute talks. Covering topics from space, lasers, superconductivity, and Cern and the Large Hadron Collider, there was certainly something that will capture the attention of anyone from school children to adult science enthusiasts.  The broadcast was also fed live on to the Times Education Supplement website to reach an audience of school teachers.

Details can be found at

8.  IT Services Online Advent calendar

The University Strategic Plan says we should develop Oxford’s online presence. We prefer online presents. In our Open Advent calendar this year IT Services will showcase the many lovely things we give users. A new door will become open each day until 24th December.  Details can be found at

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