Improvements made by the recent upgrade of WebLearn – Oxford’s Virtual Learning Environment

By Adam Marshall

WebLearn was upgraded on Monday 13th January 2014 to version 2.8-ox9. Highlights include a new version of the Tests tool and more improvements to the Sign-up tool plus the usual collection of general improvements.

For more detailed information and other minor changes, please looked at the detailed release notes.

If you would like to suggest further improvements then please do some by contributing to the WebLearn User Voice feedback service.

Improvement to Tests Tool

A brand new version of the Tests (Mneme) Tool has been released and offers the following improvements over the previous version:

  • Question pools are now copied during site duplication
  • Inform user about duplicate or faulty questions which make an assessment invalid
  • Many improvements to the UI (user interface)
  • Add ability to “shuffle choices” via test settings
  • Highlight or show in red when an assessment has zero points
  • Add ability to move one or more questions (in bulk) from one part to another

For more information please see:, note that we have moved from v1.2 to v2.1.

Improvement to Sign-up Tool

  • ICAL (ics) attachments which are sent out when a student signs up for a meeting can now be used with OWA (MS Outlook web access) and Gmail (via web browser)
  • Better performance on sites with a large number of events
  • The meeting location drop down list no longer loses values
  • Two signups with the same name will now generate auto-signup groups with unique names

General Improvements

  • IMS Basic LTI has been extended to work with anonymous logins
  • Graduate Training Tool:
    • Module administrators can now confirm individual module components separately
    • The tree of departments now has less levels  of nesting when a department does not contain sub-subunits
  • HTML pages in Resources can be forced to contain an HTML 4 <!DOCTYPE> declaration so that browsers are obliged to render the page in ‘standards mode’ (as opposed to ‘quirks mode‘). Please note that in the next major release (at Easter 2014) we hope to add this declaration to all HTML pages if it is not already present
  • Problems with changing access to a Resource which had been made available to ‘All Oxford Users’ has been fixed.

More information about WebLearn:

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