Whether and how does your institution provide mobile access to your VLE ?

Recently I posted a question to the #ALT mailing list to ask about how an institution provide mobile access to their VLE. A good number of people responded to my question.   Here is a brief summary of how 17 institutions implement their mobile access strategy.

Institution Mobile Access approach
& relevant URLs
Mobile usage stats
Southampton Solent University
  • Mobile theme
  • Responsive design
  • Mobile app

More detailed explanation:


We saw about 10% mobile/tablet last year which has increased to 15% this year (so far) from google analytics.
Northumbria University Blackboard Mobile App
Number of logins on the iOS app: from 35,887 logins in August to 459,614 in September, then over a million in October 2013The app usage: very consistently around an 80/20 split between iOS and Android respectively, with Blackberry accounting for around 0.5%.Direct access from mobiles: In December 2012 79% of mobile hits were iOS, 19% Android, and for December 2013 it’s 74.6% and 24% respectively.
The University of Birmingham Instructure mobile app
The University of Ulster Blackboard Mobile Central and Blackboard Mobile Learn apps for Iphone/Android and Blackberry We had consistent logins since launch of approximately 1000 logins a day, then a spike on the 2nd January 2014 to over 160,000 logins from IOS.Over 80% of traffic to Blackboard from mobile is on IOS devices.
The University of Manchester Blackboard Mobile Learn app
The University of Portsmouth configured the VLE (Moodle) for mobile access
Homelearnincollege http://campus.home
York St John University Responsive design
The University of Bedfordshire Mobile learn app
8,719 unique visitors per month29% log in from Android, 71% from iOs , 0.06% from BlackberryMost popular time for mobile access: 4am.Most popular days: Monday and Friday
The University of Leicester Blackboard Mobile App 75% iOS
UCL (University College London) Moodle’s ‘MyMobile’ themehttp://moodle.ucl.ac.uk In the past 12 months we have seen an average 7% of all visitors using a smartphone and 5.2% of users on a tablet
Swinburne University in Australia Mobile App Students uses the Mobile app provided by Blackboard to access course content. It works well mostly, except for quizzes.
The University of Northampton Blackboard Mobile Learn App Results of a recent survey around students’ use of the app and mobile trends in general: http://blogs.northampton.ac.uk/learntech/2014/01/21/2014-mobile-survey-response-and-actions/
Aberystwyth University Blackboard Mobile Learn Feedback from staff and students has been positive
Cranfield University Blackboard Learn App
Goldsmiths, University of London Moodle mobile theme Goldsmiths had significant recent investment in Eduroam access throughout campus teaching rooms and student accommodation. This has allowed them to use Moodle (learn.gold) as a SRS using student devices and the Feedback tool. Student mobile devices were found on Eduroam roughly 28 among 40 students.
The University of Bath
  • Moodle mobile theme
  • Responsive theme


Although the statistics show that a large proportion of our students come to us with smart-phones and/or tablets, the Google analytics suggest that the vast majority of users are still accessing Moodle via a desktop. Desktop – 90.32%Tablet – 5.34%Mobile – 4.35 %The University of Bath surveyed its students in October 2013 (n = 1200) and found that 92% have a smart-phone, and roughly 30% have a tablet. This is an increase from a similar survey a year before.

3D Character -Questions--4-youDoes your institution provide mobile access to your VLE? If so, please let me know using the comment box.

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