#welcome #technology #engage #open #atlas #research #courses ACIT news – Hilary Term 2016 – Week 1

To view all news items of this week: http://bit.ly/ht16-wk1 1.  Welcome to the new Director of Academic IT, Dr Peggy McCready http://bit.ly/1SsFaGm 2.  New Vice-Chancellor puts the spotlight on technology http://bit.ly/1nga0p1 3.  Digital Tech for Impact, Engagement and Outreach http://bit.ly/1RQ2q1f … Continue reading

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#innovation # engage #feedback #WW1 #open #courses @acitoxford Academic IT News Week 6 Michaelmas Term 2015

To view all news items of the week: http://bit.ly/mt15-wk6 Invitation: The IT Innovation Challenges showcase event http://bit.ly/1WX8YxZ ‘joinin’: light-touch introductions to popular digital technologies http://bit.ly/1lslJQ4 Planning a sustainable way to collect feedback and data on digital systems and services http://bit.ly/1NYzfX4 Wikipedia: … Continue reading

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Open Badges – are you ready ?

Recently I attended a Webinar presented by Simon Cross, Open University UK – Badges for Learning: a review of the formative role of badges in two open online courses.  In addition to the excellent presentation by Simon, I was also … Continue reading

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A refreshing way of running a committee meeting

I had an interesting day yesterday in Birmingham at the #ALT (Association for Learning Technology) Joint Optional Committees and Strategy meeting. ALT is the UK’s leading membership organisation in the learning technology field. Its purpose is “to ensure that use … Continue reading

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