Presenter Mice

“Presenter mouse? You know… the remote control for PowerPoint”

I have done quite a lot of looking around for these devices in the past – I often get asked about them on my PowerPoint courses.

After using a variety of types over the years, my recommendations are:

  • The less the pointer does the better it is (to a minimum of course!).
  • It must just plug in and work – no installation at all – on Windows and Mac.
  • It must be very robust
  • It must fit in a pocket

Although this isn’t a product endorsement – other present mice are available – I personally would not be seperated from my Kensington presenter mouse:

  • It has only four buttons: forward, reverse, blank screen and pointer.
  • I haven’t found anyone in my classes  who couldn’t use it first time.
    It works in every Windows, Mac and Ubuntu machine I have ever tried it in.
  • I have dropped it many, many times
  • It is the perfect shape for hand and pocket – a classic piece of good design.


I have yet to find a presenter pointer/mouse that meets all the above AND has configurable wireless channels. I have tested my Kensington presenter mouse and I can control PowerPoint from another room – the quoted range is 50 ft. This clearly isn’t going to work if everyone has one in our suite of lecture rooms!

What I haven’t checked out is if different manufacturers use different frequencies. I doubt it.

What is really needed is a Bluetooth version that can be paired with a particular computer. However these tend to be fully functional mice.There are a few that might fit the requirements, for example the Interlink Bluetooth Stopwatch Presenter, but I haven’t had a chance to try one yet.

Does anyone else have any suggestions?

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