Remote Meetings

We have been trialling a new version of a survey tool we use here in the IT Learning Programme  РIndicate 2 by a company called Ostrakon based in Tubingen, Germany. They have worked closely with us to customise the interface to fit closely with how we need to use the tool.

Inevitably there are aspects of the interface that are not yet quite as we would like them, and so we needed to discuss this with their developer. For an hour’s meeting, Tubingen is a long way away!

Here in Oxford University’s Computing Services we are assessing Cisco’s WebEx conferencing tool. We decided to try it for our meeting with Ostrakon. Three of us gathered around a conference phone in front of a large screen, logged into the WebEx system and within minutes we were talking with the developer and showing him our suggestions for improving the interface. WebEx is browser based, and requires only minimal setup at either end. We were really impressed with how simple it all was and how well it facilitated the meeting.

Being novices with WebEx we didn’t make full use of all the features. We only used screen sharing and audio, but next time we will see how we get on with the video side. We are also looking into it’s capabilities for broadcasting short teaching sessions live around the University and offering one-to-one remote tutoring for participants on our face-to-face courses who later ask for follow up help. I’ll let you know how we get on.

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