Multimedia: Screen and audio capture for teaching

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Does anyone read software manuals anymore? Did we ever? We are all familiar with the Just In Time model of learning – we find out what we need to know, when we need to know it. Often, we turn to Google (other search engines are available of course) and find ourselves watching a short video clip showing us which menu option to choose and which buttons to press.

How would you go about creating one of those video clips? Maybe you don’t have software that you need to teach others to use, but perhaps you want to demonstrate how you analysed your results in, say, Excel. Or you would like to turn a PowerPoint presentation into a video clip, complete with narration.

We can show you how.

We ran a workshop this week for a group of Biomedical Engineering students; over the course of a morning they found out how to use Adobe Captivate and Audacity to create short videos. In the afternoon, they took their own PowerPoint presentations and used the new skills to create clips illustrating their research. And from what I hear, had fun doing so!

These students and their tutors are forward thinking. They have realised that these skills are becoming important – in some areas essential. More and more we are expected to inform and teach visually, and it is even becoming acceptable to present research in this way, particularly to a lay audience.

Perhaps you should think about it… You can find details in our courses catalogue.

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