Outlook 2010 (Nexus)

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Software releases <sigh/> It’s difficult to keep up, not just for those who use it but doubly so for those who teach it.

At Oxford we have an extra complication; the colleges and divisions have a high degree of autonomy, and they move to new software versions when it ‘s advantageous to them. So it was that a department moved to Outlook 2010 – many of us have only just got comfortable with Outlook 2007!

But we rose to the challenge! A little investigation showed that at a beginner’s level Outlook 2007 and 2010 behave in the same way – well they would wouldn’t they – it’s just the Microsoft Ribbon and the dialogs that are different. So armed with SnagIt, patience and just a little stress (time was short!), we took our Outlook 2007 resources, pasted in lots of new screenshots, tweaked the text and we were there! It will soon appear in our Portfolio of course resources.

SnagIt is one of our favourite tools. If you are creating any sort of training or teaching resources, it is far superior to the usual PrintScreen or Alt+PrintScreen keys in Windows, and it will save you time and give you better results. And if you’re looking for a free alternative that covers the basics, I’m still getting sterling service from a version of MWSnap from 2002!

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