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Once upon a time I was a programmer. I learned many things as a programmer. For one, you cannot live on pizza and coffee alone. For another, the user interface IS the software. You can have the most efficient, carefully crafted – even beautiful – programme code in the world, but if the user doesn’t like your interface, your program is junk. And no-one wants to pay for junk.

It was my first introduction to the importance of User Centred Design. Fast forward some years and I meet UCD again. This time on a course run by Stuart Church of Pure Usability. Stuart delivered a course for an audience of web designers and developers from the University. He introduced us to a number of techniques that can be used to ensure that our web sites meet the needs of the user first and the developer second. It was a great course, very well received, and we hope to ask him back to run it again.

If you are responsible for a web site, either as manager or developer, it would be well worth considering coming along. You can join our mailing list to be kept up to date with all our courses.

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