Skills Toolkit

140 students and counting. Over the last week, together with the University’s Libraries and Careers services, we¬†have run 7 skills toolkit sessions. At each session we choose tools that we think post graduate students will find useful in their studies and showcase them. Friday’s list included:

  • PowerPoint custom shows
  • GIMP – the open source image editing application
  • Word styles to create tables of contents
  • Endnote – the citation management tool
  • SOLO – Search Oxford Libraries Online
  • Excel pivot tables

Each tool has a short task associated with it. The students circulate around the tasks, collecting an ink stamp on a card on completion of each one and popping their completed card in a draw for a book token. It’s designed to be both fun and informative. At each task there is a champion of the tool, who can discuss with the students how they might best use the tool in their particular area of study.

There is a great buzz during the events and the feedback from students has been very encouraging. Although we can’t reach every postgraduate student in the University this way, we hope that the ideas picked up will spread by example and word of mouth and it’s backed up by a website

And there is another week of events to come…

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