Skills Toolkit Part 2

So a second week of skills toolkit sessions has come to a close with another 150 or so students passing through. The sessions have been almost universally judged a success by the attendees and the tool minders, and we will certainly go on and run sessions later in the academic year.

That’s not to say that we are content with the format; we will analyses the students’ feedback in detail, and follow it up with a second request for comments in six months time. We also had a lively debriefing afterwards and identified a number of aspects that we might change (and many that we wouldn’t!).

If I had to identify one thing I would change it would be the timing. The start of a new programme of study imposes lots of new information on students, and here we are adding to it. More importantly, many of the students have not yet decided exactly what their focus of study will be and so can’t entirely place in context the tools we are trying to inspire them with. It will be interesting to compare the feedback from these sessions with those we will run later in the year for other groups of students.

Just a reminder that you can visit the Skills Toolkit website to see some of the tools we covered.

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