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Flybys and time travel are both virtually possible using Google Earth. Prof. Donna Kurtz, Beazley Archivist here at Oxford, showed us how she has started to use the tool to teach post graduates classical art. Greg Parker, her IT Director, described how easy it is to place markers in Google Earth, associate links with each marker, and then produce flybys that enable anyone to explore classical art in the context of the geography and history of the Middle East.

In turn these tours have been embedded in the new CLAROS web site and database that was launched recently. By default, CLAROS shows the distribution of ancient art finds using Google Maps, but if you have Google Earth installed, you can switch to the 3D world view.

Even if you have no immediate interest in classical art, you should visit the CLAROS site, if only to see an exemplar in the way multiple on-line technologies are being used to support each other.

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