Digital images – 7 common questions

Our Digital Media User Group (DMUG) is a forum for anyone in the University with an interest in multimedia. This term’s session covered two topics: the Bodleian Shelley’s Ghost exhibition and my own short talk on digital images.

My background is not in graphic design or illustration – I’m a physicist, and latterly a teacher. However, nearly every topic I teach involves using digital images, and I have picked up (I think) a good working knowledge of how best to create, adapt, use and manage them. But I know there is a lot to learn from the professionals, and luckily there are some in DMUG.

I thought it would be interesting to share with DMUG the most common questions my students ask me about digital images. I share them with you too:

  • Am I allowed to… ?
  • How do I keep my images safe?
  • How do I share my images?
  • How do I find images for/of my research?
  • How do I digitise my 35mm slides?
  • How do I get advice about the right equipment?
  • Why don’t you teach a course on…?

I won’t go into my answers here (actually I don’t have them all) – I’m just hoping that they will generate some discussion on the DMUG website.

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