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The work of Laura Novo de Azevedo should be an encouragement to anyone who thinks that using technology in teaching is too difficult for them. Laura is a self-confessed ‘non-geek’ who has no computing background but who has successfully integrated web sites, blogs, wikis, videos, use of iTouch and more into her teaching. She gave us an insight into how she ‘just Googles’ to find out how to use these tools and her site at shows the results.

More importantly, she has encouraged this ‘can do’ attitude in her students. Rather than burdening them with lots of documentation on ‘how to use an iTouch’ or ‘how to edit a video’ or ‘how to whatever’, she sets her students tasks, encourages them to work together, and lets them loose… Her experience is that this approach engages students much more than traditional lectures. Just take a look at one of her student’s videos to see what this approach can achieve!

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