Sell your research

Well, maybe sell isn’t the right word. Publicise perhaps.

So, how are you on the research Publicity Ps of Paper->Presentation->Poster->Podcast?


Well, it’s your research – can’t do that for you. However creating an academic document such as a thesis or dissertation will stretch your word-processing skills. We run courses on those…


There is more to a presentation than a series of bullet points; you need to use the features of your chosen presentation tool to the full – include images, animations, sound, video. We run courses on that… We also invite keynote addresses from industry and academia to show us best practice…


A poster is not a cut down version of a paper. It often has a different audience, but just as importantly it is a medium in its own right, with its own rules and conventions (and restrictions). I think we run a course on that…


Public engagement (and engagement with your sponsors!) is incomplete without a multimedia element. The skills needed are not as difficult as you might think. Ummm, we run courses on that… We also work with experts from the media world so that the skills you gain are backed up by real experience. And it’s not just podcasts – we can also show you how to create Pilms and Pocumentaries 🙂

Browse the IT Learning Catalogue and see what Ps we can help with.

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