Presentation Zen: Developing your story – Garr Reynolds

Presentation Zen: Developing your story – Garr Reynolds Tuesday 20 October 17:30 – 18:30 Garr Reynolds, an internationally acclaimed design and presentations expert, returns to Oxford to give another lecture here at Oxford. His approach challenges the conventional wisdom of … Continue reading

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Garr Reynolds returns

Last year we were lucky to have Garr Reynolds, author of Presentation Zen, to come along and talk to members of the University. The event was very popular and well received. Well, Garr is visiting the UK again, and has … Continue reading

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Mayer Rules

I’m reading John Medina’s ‘Brain Rules’. He relates current research into the chemistry and structure of the brain to the classroom and the office. I’ve just read his summary of five of Mayer’s rules for presentations, and they are so … Continue reading

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No more bullet points?

Oxford University has been around for over 800 years – and it has many traditions. PowerPoint has only been around for 23 years but it too has its own traditions. The ‘traditional’ PowerPoint presentation is one bulleted slide after another, … Continue reading

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Multimedia: Screen and audio capture for teaching

Course of the week Does anyone read software manuals anymore? Did we ever? We are all familiar with the Just In Time model of learning – we find out what we need to know, when we need to know it. … Continue reading

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PowerPoint – High Resolution Images

PowerPoint is a great tool for creating simple (and not so simple) diagrams. Copy and paste of course works with the other Office apps, and many other programs understand the PowerPoint format. It is also possible to export any or … Continue reading

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Presenter Mice

“Presenter mouse? You know… the remote control for PowerPoint” I have done quite a lot of looking around for these devices in the past – I often get asked about them on my PowerPoint courses. After using a variety of … Continue reading

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Free Images for Use in PowerPoint

Question Where can I get free images to use in PowerPoint? Answer Firstly, you can’t just use an image search tool (such as Google images) and use any image from the web. Most images on the web are covered by … Continue reading

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Using Sound and Video in PowerPoint

Question: I use Powerpoint regularly to give presentations. I’d like to include sound clips in my presentations but I’ve been to several talks where the speaker couldn’t play the sound files for whatever reason. Answer: PowerPoint does sometimes fail to … Continue reading

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