XIncluding portions of TEI Documents

‘Leoba’ another time asked me what to do when multiple files want to refer to the same textDesc, msDesc, listPerson or similar elements in their teiHeader. To me, this is the canonical example use-case for W3C XInclude. You can store … Continue reading

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‘Leoba’ asks me recently about publicationStmt, wondering: I have always thought that the publicationStmt in the TEI header is to describe the publication of the electronic text, that is the TEI file itself (and the description of fileDesc seems to … Continue reading

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Modules vs Model Classes vs Attribute Classes

‘Dr John Smith’ asked me recently to explain the difference between modules and classes in the TEI. Modules basically gather together element definitions into a single group. As the TEI P5 Guidelines say: A module is … simply a convenient … Continue reading

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