‘Leoba’ asks me recently about publicationStmt, wondering:

I have always thought that the publicationStmt in the TEI header is to describe the publication of the electronic text, that is the TEI file itself (and the description of fileDesc seems to support this). However when I look at the descriptions of publicationStmt it’s much less clear (examples with very recent dates, for example). I’m dealing with 17thC documents that are being newly transcribed, can you advise me as to whether we are mis-using it to refer to the electronic text?

‘Leoba’ is right to use publicationStmt inside teiHeader/fileDesc to refer to the electronic text itself. That is what fileDesc is documenting. Her confusion comes from the necessarily vague description of publicationStmt as grouping:

…information concerning the publication or distribution of an electronic or other text.

The reason this doesn’t say ‘publication or distribution of this electronic text’ or something like that, is that publicationStmt, if we look at the ‘Use by’ section of its reference page, can also be used inside the biblFull which can appear anywhere model.biblLike is allowed. This enables you to give a teiHeader like bibliographic citation elsewhere in your document.

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