Ubuntu Twinview Maximizing Windows problem

This is more of a note-to-self. I had a problem in my recent upgrade to the latest Ubuntu in that my two monitors, when set to ‘twinview’ meant that the panels and task bars, and maximized windows spanned both monitors. … Continue reading

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Thunderbird Calendar Automatic Export

Previously I wrote about thunderbird, davmail, exchange and exporting to google calendar and my system was setup and working fine. Then I upgraded (full-wipe and install) to the latest Ubuntu operating system and I had to set things up again. … Continue reading

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Teaching in Helsinki

I was recently invited to Helsinki by Varieng to teach a workshop on TEI XML, and specifically on TEI XML concentrating on transcription. The workshop slides and materials are at http://tei.oucs.ox.ac.uk/Oxford/2010-10-helsinki/. Though these were largely based on the TEI Summer … Continue reading

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