ODDly Pragmatic: Documenting encoding practices in Digital Humanities projects

[This is the rough draft text of a plenary lecture I will have given at JADH2013 http://www.dh-jac.net/jadh2013/abst21.html#plenary2 (click to expand abstract). This isn’t necessarily the precise text I delivered but the notes from a couple days before. It is written very much … Continue reading

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Teaching the TEI-Panel

As part of the Text Encoding Initiative Consortium’s annual conference I participated in a panel organised by Elena Pierazzo called “Teaching the TEI: from training to academic curricula” see http://idhmc.tamu.edu/teiconference/program/papers/#teach for the abstract. Florence Clavaud and Susan Schreibman were unable … Continue reading

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Digital Humanities 2011

Digital Humanities 2011 My report from Digital Humanities 2011 is below. If anyone wants any more information about the various sessions I attended, I’m happy to try and dredge my memory for a recollection of my impressions. Otherwise the book of abstracts is available. Most … Continue reading

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