CatCor: the correspondence of Catherine the Great


This project aims to produce a pilot version containing 100 letters of a browsable collection of Catherine the Great’s correspondence, which includes epistolary exchanges with such major figures as Voltaire, Frederick the Great, Friedrich Melchior Grimm, and Catherine’s charismatic lover Grigory Potemkin. Her correspondence was the essential medium through which she governed her court and empire, and established her own and her nation’s presence in the political and intellectual life of the European Enlightenment. Despite their evident interest for historians, historians of art and collections, and literature scholars, these letters have never appeared in a single edition (and for that reason are relatively underused in scholarship); the new possibilities of the digital world promise scholars not only a means of bringing together texts often difficult to access, but also a whole array of means of searching and manipulating a corpus of thousands of letters. In year 2 we will host a workshop on Enlightenment digital correspondence.

In collaboration with: Professor Andrew Kahn (Russian Literature), Kelsey Rubin-Detlev (Postgraduate Ertegun Scholar)

My work: I will be converting word documents to TEI P5 XML, constructing a reduced project schema, providing TEI-related training and consultation, and converting TEI to a form suitable for import to a content management system. Other developers will be creating, customising, and styling the content management system.

Resources: This was funded by OUP’s John Fell Fund but with only a few days for my activities.

Dates:  1 September 2013 – 1 September 2015

Current Status: Ongoing; Initial schema complete; Sample files complete; Project staff encoding

Coming Up: Meeting with developers; XSLT conversions

URLs: none yet.

Click to visit Trello.

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