‘I.Sicily’ is a two-year project led by Dr Jonathan Prag (Classics, Merton) to establish an on-line, open-format digital corpus of the inscriptions of ancient Sicily. Eventually, the corpus will be multi-lingual and cover the whole of antiquity. I will be converting the existing database of inscriptions to the latest standards for the semantic mark-up of epigraphical documents (in this case the EpiDoc customization of TEI P5 XML). This will be used to produce a proof of concept website that will be based on cataloguing and studying the major collection of Syracuse Museum (previously unpublished) and presenting the results on-line within the framework of the new corpus.

My work: I will be converting the existing database of inscriptions to the EpiDoc customization of TEI P5 XML and helping to produce a proof-of-concept website.

Resources: This has been funded by the OUP John Fell Fund and we have money set aside for an XML Database Developer.

Dates:  2013-2016

Current Status: Negotiating with Classics Faculty for developer time.

URLs: none yet.

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