Bodlian TEI Catalogue Consolidation Project

Description: This project is attempting to unify practice of cataloguing manuscripts in the Bodleian Library. Many of these have used (or are now moving to use) TEI Manuscript Description as a base format for the manuscript catalogue. This will enable a consistent front end for all of them.

My work: I will be helping them create a unified schema for this and other future manuscript catalogues using the TEI, as well as transforming existing catalogues to that schema and providing training

  • October 2016: Bod TEI schema and ODD development – 5 days
  • November 2016: Converting existing Tolkien TEI data into new schema – 2 days
  • December 2016: TEI in oXygen training – 1 day
  • January/February 2016: Converting all remaining catalogue data to new base schema – 14 days
  • Total: 22 days


Current Status: Ongoing; Sample files received; generation of element use underway, proto-ODD created.

Coming Up: creation of proposed schema.

URLs: none yet.


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