To Phish or Not to Phish? Part 2

That is the question……. Part 1 of this blog post gave a summary of some of the issues we face when trying to detect, prevent and respond to phishing attacks.  The upshot is that it isn’t easy.  Technical controls are … Continue reading

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To Phish or Not To Phish? Part 1

That is the question……. About eighteen months ago I wrote a blog post on the price of phish.  Since then, phishing has continued not only to remain a problem but to grow as a significant threat to aspects of the University’s … Continue reading

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FIRST TC 2013 (Lisbon)

During late January one member of OxCERT were able to attend the annual spring Technical Colloquium organised jointly by FIRST and TF-CSIRT. This event provides opportunity to meet up with, hear presentations from, and discuss matters of interest with a … Continue reading

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Google Blocks

We recently felt it necessary to take, temporarily, extreme action for the majority of University users: we blocked Google Docs. Why would we do such a thing, you might well ask. Surely Google Docs is a perfectly legitimate site, widely … Continue reading

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