2013 FIRST Conference

Two members of OxCERT attended the 25th annual conference of FIRST (Forum of Incidence Response and Security Teams) held at the Conrad Hotel in the bustling city of Bangkok, Thailand. This year’s hosts were ThaiCERT, the Electronic Transactions Development Agency and the Ministry … Continue reading

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Apple support lifetimes strike again

Wednesday saw the official launch of Apple’s iOS version 7, the operating system behind the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. But as with some previous updates, there’s a bit of a sting in the tail. I’ve complained about Apple’s security … Continue reading

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Aaaarrrggghhhh – ye be hacked!

Ahoy me hearties! Talk like a pirate day it may be but thar be good reasons why it’s not a good idea t’ act like one online.  Pillagin’ the Internet for booty might seem attractive t’ some bilge-sucking scallywags and … Continue reading

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