How To Train Your POODLE part I – Clients

As you may be aware, a serious vulnerability dubbed ‘POODLE’ has been discovered in SSL version 3.0. A successful POODLE attack could allow a malicious person (with network access) to decrypt an SSLv3.0 connection. What does that actually mean? Well, … Continue reading

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5 Million Google Accounts Leaked

Details are emerging of a very recent large-scale leak of Google’s account database, centring around their flagship email service Gmail. Google’s official word on the subject can be read here. The credentials were posted to a Russian BitCoin mining forum earlier … Continue reading

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Google Blocks

We recently felt it necessary to take, temporarily, extreme action for the majority of University users: we blocked Google Docs. Why would we do such a thing, you might well ask. Surely Google Docs is a perfectly legitimate site, widely … Continue reading

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