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Thomas Woolley & William Binzi, 2015 winners, wove their series of maths podcasts around a familiar experience for learners

Previously titled ‘Academic Podcasting’, this category has been renamed for OxTALENT 2017 to reflect the variety of forms that media artefacts can take: podcasts, animations, short videos (stills and/or moving images), more substantial documentaries… In fact, the only limit is your imagination! Many will have been released through Oxford on iTunes U and the University’s Podcasts portal, but they can also have been released through other channels, including websites or virtual learning environments like WebLearn.

Your media artefact can have been developed to support teaching, learning, outreach, public engagement (including making your research accessible to a wider audience). Or, it can serve any other purpose relevant to life at the University such as student wellbeing or extra-curricular activities (clubs, societies etc.).

The 2016 prize went to a series of podcasts extending the reach of the University’s Counselling Service

You are eligible to enter even if you’ve had professional help, but we ask you to let us know on the entry form what assistance you received. Also, producing audiovisual material must not be your primary role.

In any case, media production isn’t only about slick techniques and eye-catching graphics – indeed, it’s perfectly possible to shoot and edit an effective video on your smartphone. Furthermore, concept, content and structure are easily half of the story.

What the judges will look for…

Your entry will be assessed in terms of:

  • How clearly you have defined the purpose of your media artefact, including the intended audience.
  • How you designed and developed your artefact.
  • The extent to which the content reflects the stated objectives.
  • The extent to which the production quality is of an acceptable standard.
  • Evidence¬†(qualitative and/or quantitative) of impact: i.e. people have engaged with your artefact and provided feedback.

Find out how to enter.

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