SharePoint and meetings: paperless or less paper?

When it comes to meetings, can we really mean paperless or, do we really mean less paper? That all depends on you, as well as the other meeting participants. I have written previously  about the value of digital copies of … Continue reading

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Are digital exams – just an accessibility requirement?

Last week JISC published a blog on the provision of digital exam papers for print-impaired learners. It states “Between 10-13% of people in the UK have a print impairment which means they have difficulty accessing text-based resources, varying from dyslexia through … Continue reading

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Things to know about Outlook: 2 Categories and Calendaring

Using categories to calculate time spent on various activities: One or more categories can be assigned to an appointment in the outlook calendar. It is then possible to sort appointments by a number of criteria including categories. The latter is … Continue reading

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Six hats and six honest men; the art of asking good questions to get better answers.

Developing critical thinking and asking questions when reading is a good way to remain actively engaged with a topic and to retain learning. Or maybe you are in a discussion which seems to not be going anywhere, what is missing … Continue reading

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Marmite, love it or hate it? Mastering Mind Mapping

One of the things I have found most helpful in recent years is learning how to use mind maps. Some people are able to draw the most incredible mind maps, that store information in a unique, creative, memorable and beautiful … Continue reading

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Screen Lighting: A State of Flux?

Ever find that after a while looking at the screen that your eyes are tired and strained? Generally, our monitors are set to have a very blue-based light, which emulates natural daylight. Some of us find the white is too … Continue reading

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We need clarity- clearly

 Given that you’re reading this blog, I guessing that you do probably do a fair amount of reading online. If that is so, then it is important to be able to read as quickly and efficiently as possible. For this … Continue reading

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