Four presentations to Medical Division departments due to a short little message

In November we asked Alison Brindle to include the following in her division newsletter:

Ken Kahn and Howard Noble, who work for the Research Support team of Academic IT, a group within IT services, would like to offer their services to your department. They have done some interesting work on pandemics with agent-based modelling, and are building expertise in research data management, and would like to share this work with interested staff/students. For instance, they could present a talk on agent-based modelling, and its application in research, teaching and science outreach which might be useful for groups interested in exploring new tools, making games to help explain scientific concepts, and introducing students to this approach for doing research. If you would like Ken or Howard to give a talk in your department, please contact them directly at and You can find out more about the services this team provide here:

This led to invitations to give presentations at

  1. Weatherall Institute of Molecular Medicine
  2. Tropical Medicine Centre
  3. Diabetes Trial Unit
  4. Department of Public Health

Three  proposals were submitted in a very short time in which we are included in a work package.  And more proposals are under discussion. The turnout and interest in our presentations was very high sometimes leading to long follow-up discussions.

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