Software Sustainability

Sustainability means that the software you use today will be available – and continue to be improved and supported – in the future.

Research groups often create software to support their work, sometimes as part of funded research projects. But what happens afterwards?

Our team has extensive experience with working with research groups to make their software more sustainable, for example in building open source communities that can continue to develop and maintain the software long into the future.

We do this through consultations with researchers and software developers, working on community planning and outreach, and providing specialist advice on topics such as licensing and intellectual property.

We can also provide talks on areas such as:

We  also work with teams at the proposal stage for new projects to ensure software sustainability activity takes place earlier in the software lifecycle, which is something that funding agencies are increasingly looking for in proposals that include software development activity.

Working with us can be as quick and simple as a short question enquiry about a software license, to a longer term engagement where we provide support and mentoring. For example, we have worked with projects such as BRISSKit and Xerte over several years.

We are always happy to receive enquiries, please contact us at

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