Investigating CONNECT desktop performance issues

We have been investigating a variety of issues that have been reported to us over many weeks around ‘slow PCs’. A number of different events and combinations can cause machines to run slow which make analysis and finding resolutions very difficult. We have been trying to collect as much information as we can and it has been really helpful that we’ve had some great cooperation from you in assisting with this by gathering your observations over a 5 day period. If you are still in the process of doing this then please continue and send your results back to the incident you logged as they will help inform and support our findings. So far we have seen some common problems:

  • Outlook
  • Chrome
  • Log in times
  • PCs freezing or slowing down

Whilst we are continuing our investigations we are currently in the process of:

  1. Upgrading all existing desktop PCs with 4GB RAM
  2. Updating the printing policies that apply during login
  3. Resolving a now identified issue with Windows Updates

The following activites continue to be focused on:

  1. Reveiwing and testing benchmarks for boot-up process and login times. These will be published along with guidance on optimising your use of the desktop
  2. Retrieving and analysing data from machines using various tools including Microsoft utilities to perform further analytics, for example looking at Microsoft Office applications configuration
  3. Working with the Networks, Server and Application Packaging teams to understand whether any changes in these areas may be contributing to the problems you are experiencing.
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