About us

Desktop Services sit within the Customer Services group in IT Services. Our remit includes overseeing the day to day support and troublehsooting of most desktop-related issues within UAS and GLAM, for which we provide second and third line support for the services and systems alongside other teams within IT Services. This includes:

  • CONNECT managed desktop service
    • Used by over 2000 staff within the University
    • Machines in over 75 buildings
    • Desktop machines replaced at minimum every five years
    • Over 1000 different applications in use
  • Library Public terminals
    • Over 500 desktops povisioned for use by by readers within the Bodleian Libraries
    • Specific kiosk quick refernce terminals
    • Can be used by over 70,000 readers
  • Examinations Word Processing Suite
    • Used for students to take examinations on where required
    • Custom machines and configuration specifically designed and built around the eaxmination requirements at Oxford

Contact the Service Desk for any queries or support issues.

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