Odin FroDo Upgrades 2021

Dear ITSS,

It is our intention to upgrade all of our Odin HPE 5510 FroDos in September. This will be moving the firmware from R1311P02 to R3506P11. We are not upgrading the DCDIST/HPE 5940 FroDos, we do not expect new code to be released for these devices until the new year.

The upgrades will be carried out starting next week (w/c 13/09/2021 ) and will be performed in groups each day, Tuesday to Thursday, over a period of three weeks.  We have been running the code on the Banbury Rd FroDo for the last week and will also be upgrading a few more IT services/UAS devices this week.


The expected impact is ~5-10 minutes for all customers as the FroDo reloads to pick up the new firmware, unfortunately this firmware is not ISSU (In Service Software Upgrade) compatible with the previous release so the impact will be similar for Option 2 customers.

We will be carrying out the upgrades from 07:30 each morning as part of an automated process.

If there are any further queries please contact us on networks@it.ox.ac.uk 


We have attempted, where possible, to group devices around main sites and annexes so that those sites will only see one period of disruption from the upgrade process.

Group A: Tuesday 14th September

frodo-050332 eagle-house.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-120045 wolfson-jr.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-120205 sherrington.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-100132 bioescalator-1.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-050131 wolfson-building.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-030234 hayes-house.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-120222 mdx-orc.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-030401 anna-watts-building.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-120217 ccmp.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-100131 winchester-house.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-120216 kennedy.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-120211 pharmacology.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-100313 botnar.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-030007 radcliffe-house.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-120027 radiology.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-100328 boundary-brook-house.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-120208 tinsley.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-100128 old-rectory.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-120212 life-sciences.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-120026 psychiatry.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-120005 biochemistry.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-030008 radcliffe-outpatients.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-120215 ndm.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-050311 66-banbury-road.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-120020 medawar.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-050123 ewert-house.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-120214 john-radcliffe-1.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-120210 mstc.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-120225 ompi.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-030227 christchurch-college.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-100125 christchurch-sports-ground.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-030228 cripley-road.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-100323 liddell-building-2.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-030212 66-st-giles.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-120025 plant-sciences-1.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-120028 medical-oncology.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-030027 39a-st-giles.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-120034 robert-hooke-2.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-100123 stanford-college.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-050138 oerc-2.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-120030 clarendon-laboratory.frodo.ox.ac.uk.

Group B: Wednesday 15th September

frodo-030202 ashmolean.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-050315 st-antonys-college.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-030241 said-business-school.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-030034 clarendon-building.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-030405 harkness-1.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-120018 pitt-rivers.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-030003 harcourt-arboretum.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-050128 begbroke-iat.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-100107 history-of-science.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-100122 botanic-garden.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-120017 natural-history.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-030203 green-shed.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-120236 st-cross-building.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-050322 15-norham-gardens.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-100320 bsf-swindon.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-030243 osney-1.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-030033 radcliffe-camera.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-120016 rothermere-institute.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-120224 orcrb-1.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-120204 manor-road.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-120011 radcliffe-science-library.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-030031 old-bodleian-library.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-050341 mdx-st-hughs.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-030030 weston-library.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-030247 11-pusey-lane.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-030220 music-faculty.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-050112 51-banbury-road.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-030216 clarendon-institute.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-030217 taylorian-library.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-030011 rewley-house.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-050116 43-banbury-road.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-030010 radcliffe-infirmary.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-050122 nissan-institute.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-030218 sackler-library.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-050117 45-banbury-road.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-120021 queen-elizabeth-house.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-100116 sports-centre.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-050329 101-banbury-road.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-100117 st-edmund-hall.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-100121 st-stephens-house.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-120032 aopp.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-030043 catholic-chaplaincy.frodo.ox.ac.uk.

Group C: Thursday 16th September

frodo-030016 blavatnik.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-120228 32-jack-straws-lane.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-120244 south-lodge.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-100120 alan-bullock-close.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-120022 direct-labour.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-030009 st-lukes-chapel.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-100321 cavalier-court.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-120035 experimental-psychology.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-030017 25-wellington-square.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-030023 castle-mill-1.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-030213 139-walton-street.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-120231 tentorium.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-030406 wytham-woods.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-120219 orc-security.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-050125 summertown-house.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-120221 orc-undercroft.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-100105 sheldonian.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-030046 4-worcester-street.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-050126 92-woodstock-road.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-030035 5-worcester-street.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-030211 3-worcester-street.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-100310 oriel-college.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-030005 ertegun-house.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-050120 14-parks-road.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-030237 6-worcester-street.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-120007 chemistry-research-lab.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-120041 chemistry-teaching-lab.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-120245 manor-road-2.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-050305 1-keble-road.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-120008 inorganic-chemistry.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-120009 physical-chemistry.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-120006 rodney-porter.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-030235 university-offices-1.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-120223 ocdem.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
Net Ops Device THOM-MEDIA-35-250
Net Ops Device IND-MEDIA-36-250

Group D: Tuesday 21st September

frodo-050108 58a-banbury-road.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-050107 58-banbury-road.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-050111 61-banbury-road.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-050109 64-banbury-road.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-050113 12-bevington-road.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-120036 1-south-parks-road.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-120031 plant-sciences-2.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-120237 1-museum-road.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-120235 dyson-perrins-2.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-120037 2-south-parks-road.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-050103 dist-62-banbury-road.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-030233 36-beaumont-street.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-050115 13-bevington-road.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-050114 11-bevington-road.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-120240 jowett-walk.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-100104 balliol-college.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-120013 holywell-manor.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-120004 rex-richards.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-120015 club-teaching-lab.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-100110 harris-manchester-college.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-100112 all-souls-college.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-120234 11-manor-place.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-030225 blackfriars-hall.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-030407 32-st-giles.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-030039 frewin-hall.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-030041 hollybush-row.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-120233 st-cross-road-annexe.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-030038 brasenose-college.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-050133 thom.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-050130 information-engineering.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-050136 eng-and-tech.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-050135 holder.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-050134 jenkin.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-030026 southwell.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-030215 41-wellington-square.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-030012 12-wellington-square.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-030032 lampl-building.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-100124 liddell-building.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-050139 68-banbury-road.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-100309 corpus-christi-college.frodo.ox.ac.uk.

Group E: Wednesday 22nd September

frodo-050326 green-templeton-college.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-050313 lady-margaret-hall.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-120202 dyson-perrins-1.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-100114 magdalen-college.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-120206 ocgf.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-120207 le-gros-clark.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-100113 exam-schools.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-100115 239-iffley-road.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-030222 exeter-college.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-030223 cohen-quadrangle.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-050301 5-st-margarets-road.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-030226 rewley-abbey-court.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-050327 33-st-margarets-road.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-050321 13-norham-gardens.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-120029 john-radcliffe-2.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-100109 hertford-college.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-050309 189-banbury-road.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-030204 warnock-house.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-050308 59-banbury-road.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-030239 old-boys-high-school.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-030240 littlegate-house.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-100325 herbert-close.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-030232 jesus-college.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-050143 stevens-close.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-120003 keble-college.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-050501 hb-allen-centre.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-050338 23-banbury-road.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-120039 hands-building.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-030206 49-walton-street.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-100324 191-iffley-road.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-050316 5-bradmore-road.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-120019 linacre-college.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-100108 194-divinity-road.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-050110 105-banbury-road.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-120232 2-museum-road.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-030201 dist-ashmolean.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-030037 32a-little-clarendon-street.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-030036 lincoln-college.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-100329 waynflete.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-100111 ablethorpe.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-120209 mansfield-college.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-050121 hume-rothery.frodo.ox.ac.uk.

Group F: Thursday 23rd September

frodo-030002 pembroke-college.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-120044 merton-sports-ground.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-100308 merton-college.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-120229 7-holywell-street.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-100136 75-iffley-road.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-120033 9-parks-road.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-100327 new-richards.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-030245 mdx-ashmolean.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-050339 mdx-engineering.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-120241 mdx-plant-sciences.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-030242 mdx-social-studies.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-100317 mdx-merton.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-050344 mdx-62-banbury-road.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-100316 mdx-christchurch.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-120239 weston-buildings.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-120238 savile-house.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-100127 new-college.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-050335 13-bradmore-road.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-030205 nuffield-college.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-100311 james-mellon-hall.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-030025 3-st-johns-street.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-030015 malthouse.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-050141 roq-security.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-030021 oxford-internet-institute.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-030208 41-st-giles.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-030022 34a-st-giles.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-030214 old-indian-institute.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-120203 old-observatory.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-050129 denys-wilkinson.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-030014 st-peters-college.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-100307 cardo-building.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-100305 the-queens-college.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-100306 florey-building.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-030029 speedwell-house.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-100319 74-high-street.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-100318 128-bullingdon-road.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-030044 3-hythe-bridge-street.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-030019 beaver-house.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-120230 oxcis.frodo.ox.ac.uk.

Group G: Tuesday 28th September

frodo-030042 st-cross-college.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-050314 st-hughs-college.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-030229 st-johns-college.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-100106 wadham-college.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-030404 42-park-end-street.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-030018 somerville-college.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-050104 dist-st-hughs.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-050336 st-annes-college.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-050340 robert-saunders-house.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-030224 st-benets-hall.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-050325 11-norham-gardens.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-050137 2-bradmore-road.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-030045 14-wellington-square.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-100118 miller-building.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-100119 isis-guest-house.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-100303 st-hildas-college.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-100133 st-hildas-college-2.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-030231 44-st-giles.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-030412 beaumont-place.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-050330 belsyre-court.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-050105 dist-ewert-house.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-050331 105-woodstock-road.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-030230 11-st-johns-street.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-050132 oerc-1.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-100103 trinity-college.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-050127 106-woodstock-road.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-100304 university-college.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-050334 25-staverton-road.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-100126 39-iffley-road.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-100134 university-college-2.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-030246 sers.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-050306 merifield.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-100135 dorothy-wadham.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-050312 wycliffe-hall.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-120012 university-club.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-050333 wytham-field-station.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-120042 club-research-lab.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-120002 earth-sciences.frodo.ox.ac.uk.

Group H: Wednesday 29th September

frodo-050318 wolfson-college.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-030209 worcester-college.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-030238 oxford-university-press.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-050118 21-banbury-road.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-050119 12-parks-road.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-120010 10-parks-road.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-050124 williams-college.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-120014 st-catherines-college.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-050304 maison-francaise.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-050307 begbroke-farmhouse.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-050310 kellogg-college.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-120220 ccvtm.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-050319 56-banbury-road.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-050320 99-banbury-road.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-030207 132-walton-street.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-050323 language-teaching.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-050324 38-woodstock-road.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-030210 regents-park-college.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-120023 rhodes-house.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-120218 fmrib.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-050317 statistics.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-120024 robert-hooke-1.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-120226 dunn-school.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-030221 campion-hall.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-030219 32-wellington-square.frodo.ox.ac.uk.

Group I: Thursday 30th September 

frodo-050102 andrew-wiles.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-030040 frewin-court.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-050337 egrove-park.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-100315 mdx-daubney.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-030244 old-comet-warehouse.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-100314 buxton-court.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-050140 tubney-woods.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-100322 warneford.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-100130 university-church.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-050142 17-norham-gardens.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-030024 castle-mill-2.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-050342 mission-studies.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-120040 mdx-st-cross.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-050345 mdx-ewert.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-120043 beecroft.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-100330 court-place.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-100331 33-stanley-road.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-030409 27-park-end-street.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-030410 5-dartington-house.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-100332 beechwood-house.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-050343 eagle-house-2.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-030408 36-pembroke-street.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-030411 trajan-house.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-050502 st-johns-sports-ground.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-050503 farndon-court.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
frodo-120242 stoke-place.frodo.ox.ac.uk.
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OWL Visitor refresh – Timetable

This blog post is an expansion on the previous post about Tawny OWL to give timescales.

The upgrade of the FroDos to re-route OWL traffic from the current system to the new one (called Tawny) is roughly a two stage process:

1) Configure the Frodo to set up the relevant VLANs and L3VPNs.
2) Associate the existing OWL ports with the new VLAN.

Step one can happen without any effect on existing traffic and we will be doing that on all FroDos before we move onto step 2.

Step 2 will be done in batches to aid us in testing successful migration testing. Also, note that if you are a COWLS customer, we will be applying the change to your FroDos just for completeness. Nothing will change with respect to existing connectivity.

The listing goes as follows:

First batch

To be scheduled for morning 3rd March 2020

  • john-radcliffe-3.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • molecular-medicine.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • big-data-institute.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • orcrb-2.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • wellcome-trust.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • richard-doll.frodo.ox.ac.uk

Second batch

To be scheduled for morning 4th March 2020 modulo anything arising after first batch migrations.

  • 101-banbury-road.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • 105-banbury-road.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • 105-woodstock-road.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • 106-woodstock-road.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • 10-parks-road.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • 11-bevington-road.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • 11-manor-place.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • 11-norham-gardens.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • 11-st-johns-street.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • 128-bullingdon-road.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • 12-bevington-road.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • 12-parks-road.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • 12-wellington-square.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • 132-walton-street.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • 139-walton-street.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • 13-bevington-road.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • 13-bradmore-road.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • 14-wellington-square.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • 16-wellington-square.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • 17-norham-gardens.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • 189-banbury-road.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • 191-iffley-road.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • 194-divinity-road.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • 1-keble-road.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • 1-museum-road.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • 21-banbury-road.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • 239-iffley-road.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • 23-banbury-road.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • 25-staverton-road.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • 25-wellington-square.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • 2-bradmore-road.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • 2-museum-road.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • 32a-little-clarendon-street.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • 32-jack-straws-lane.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • 32-st-giles.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • 32-wellington-square.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • 33-stanley-road.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • 33-st-margarets-road.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • 34a-st-giles.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • 36-beaumont-street.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • 38-woodstock-road.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • 39a-st-giles.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • 39-iffley-road.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • 3-hythe-bridge-street.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • 3-st-johns-street.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • 3-worcester-street.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • 41-st-giles.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • 42-park-end-street.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • 43-banbury-road.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • 44-st-giles.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • 51-banbury-road.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • 5510-netdev-test-roq.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • 56-banbury-road.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • 58a-banbury-road.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • 58-banbury-road.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • 59-banbury-road.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • 5-bradmore-road.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • 5-broad-street.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • 5-st-margarets-road.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • 61-banbury-road.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • 64-banbury-road.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • 66-st-giles.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • 68-banbury-road.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • 74-high-street.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • 75-iffley-road.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • 7-holywell-street.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • 92-woodstock-road.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • 99-banbury-road.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • 9-parks-road.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • ablethorpe.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • alan-bullock-close.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • andrew-wiles.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • anna-watts-building.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • aopp.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • ashmolean.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • balliol-college.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • beecroft.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • blackfriars-hall.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • blavatnik.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • botanic-garden.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • brasenose-college.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • bsf-swindon.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • campion-hall.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • cardo-building.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • castle-mill-2.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • catholic-chaplaincy.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • cavalier-court.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • ccvtm.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • chemistry-research-lab.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • chemistry-teaching-lab.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • christchurch-college.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • christchurch-sports-ground.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • clarendon-laboratory.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • club-research-lab.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • club-teaching-lab.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • cohen-quadrangle.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • corpus-christi-college.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • court-place.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • cripley-road.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • denys-wilkinson.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • direct-labour.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • dorothy-wadham.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • dunn-school.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • dyson-perrins-1.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • earth-sciences.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • egrove-park.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • ertegun-house.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • exeter-college.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • experimental-psychology.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • florey-building.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • fmrib.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • frewin-hall.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • green-shed.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • green-templeton-college.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • hands-building.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • harcourt-arboretum.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • harkness-1.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • herbert-close.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • hertford-college.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • history-of-science.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • hollybush-row.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • holywell-manor.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • hume-rothery.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • information-engineering.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • isis-guest-house.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • james-mellon-hall.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • jenkin.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • jesus-college.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • jowett-walk.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • keble-college.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • kellogg-college.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • kennedy.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • king-charles-house.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • lady-margaret-hall.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • lampl-building.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • language-teaching.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • liddell-building-2.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • liddell-building.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • linacre-college.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • lincoln-college.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • magdalen-college.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • maison-francaise.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • malthouse.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • manor-road-2.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • mansfield-college.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • mdx-62-banbury-road.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • mdx-christchurch.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • mdx-daubney.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • mdx-engineering.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • mdx-ewert.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • mdx-merton.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • mdx-plant-sciences.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • mdx-social-studies.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • mdx-st-cross.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • medawar.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • medical-oncology.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • merifield.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • merton-college.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • merton-sports-ground.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • miller-building.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • mission-studies.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • mstc.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • music-faculty.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • natural-history.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • new-college.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • new-richards.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • nissan-institute.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • nuffield-college.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • ocdem.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • ocgf.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • old-bodleian-library.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • old-boys-high-school.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • old-comet-warehouse.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • old-rectory.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • orc-security.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • orc-undercroft.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • oxcis.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • oxford-internet-institute.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • oxford-university-press.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • pembroke-college.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • physical-chemistry.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • pitt-rivers.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • psychiatry.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • queen-elizabeth-house.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • radcliffe-camera.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • radcliffe-house.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • radcliffe-outpatients.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • radcliffe-science-library.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • regents-park-college.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • rewley-abbey-court.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • rewley-house.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • rhodes-house.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • robert-hooke-1.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • robert-saunders-house.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • roq-security.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • rothermere-institute.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • sackler-library.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • said-business-school.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • savile-house.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • sers.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • sheldonian.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • somerville-college.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • south-lodge.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • southwell.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • speedwell-house.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • sports-centre.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • stanford-college.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • st-annes-college.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • st-antonys-college.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • statistics.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • st-benets-hall.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • st-catherines-college.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • st-cross-college.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • st-edmund-hall.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • stevens-close.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • st-hildas-college-2.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • st-hildas-college.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • st-hughs-college.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • st-johns-college.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • st-lukes-chapel.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • st-peters-college.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • st-stephens-house.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • summertown-house.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • tentorium.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • the-queens-college.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • thom.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • trinity-college.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • tubney-woods.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • university-church.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • university-club.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • university-college-2.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • university-college.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • wadham-college.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • warneford.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • warnock-house.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • waynflete.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • weston-buildings.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • williams-college.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • winchester-house.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • wolfson-building.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • wolfson-college.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • worcester-college.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • wycliffe-hall.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • wytham-field-station.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • wytham-woods.frodo.ox.ac.uk

third batch

To be scheduled for morning 5th March 2020 modulo anything arising after second batch migrations.

  • 11-pusey-lane.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • 13-banbury-road.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • 13-norham-gardens.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • 14-parks-road.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • 15-norham-gardens.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • 1-south-parks-road.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • 2-south-parks-road.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • 41-wellington-square.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • 45-banbury-road.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • 49-walton-street.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • 4-worcester-street.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • 5-worcester-street.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • 66-banbury-road.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • 6-worcester-street.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • all-souls-college.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • beaver-house.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • begbroke-farmhouse.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • begbroke-iat.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • belsyre-court.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • biochemistry.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • bioescalator-1.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • botnar.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • boundary-brook-house.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • buxton-court.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • castle-mill-1.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • ccmp.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • clarendon-building.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • clarendon-institute.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • dartington-house.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • dist-62-banbury-road.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • dist-ashmolean.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • dist-ewert-house.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • dist-st-hughs.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • dyson-perrins-2.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • eagle-house.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • eng-and-tech.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • ewert-house.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • exam-schools.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • frewin-court.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • gibson.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • harris-manchester-college.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • hayes-house.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • hb-allen-centre.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • holder.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • inorganic-chemistry.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • john-radcliffe-1.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • john-radcliffe-2.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • le-gros-clark.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • life-sciences.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • littlegate-house.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • manor-road.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • mdx-ashmolean.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • mdx-orc.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • mdx-st-hughs.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • mdx-usdc.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • ndm.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • oerc-1.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • oerc-2.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • old-indian-institute.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • old-observatory.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • ompi.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • orcrb-1.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • oriel-college.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • osney-1.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • pharmacology.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • plant-sciences-1.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • plant-sciences-2.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • radcliffe-infirmary.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • radiology.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • rex-richards.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • robert-hooke-2.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • rodney-porter.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • sherrington.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • st-cross-building.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • st-cross-road-annexe.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • taylorian-library.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • tinsley.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • university-offices-1.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • university-offices-2.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • weston-library.frodo.ox.ac.uk
  • wolfson-jr.frodo.ox.ac.uk
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OWL Visitor refresh

This post aims to give a bit more background and detail around the announcement to IT Support Staff regarding the forthcoming refresh to the OWL Visitor service.

What are we doing?

We’re replacing the captive portal component of the service.  This is the part that shows the visitor login page as well handling things like the firewall rules and NAT.

The images below show the current (l) and new (r) portal login pages.

We are not changing anything else about the service so the account management system, administration of account administrators and visitor RADIUS servers all remain the same.


When are we doing it?

The main roll out is scheduled to take place on 3rd March 2020.

IT Services has been running the new OWL since 14th January, so pop along to 13 Banbury Road if you want to take an early look.

We are inviting ITSS to help us test the new system from early February so please let us know if you’d like to take part.  (The networks team has no access to test clients and so has only been able to test with what its staff members happen to use).


Why are we doing it?

  1. The current OWL portal has been running for 15 years.  That’s over 100 in dog years and it has a number of limitations commensurate with its age.
  2. The University rejected JISC’s eduroam Visitor Access service as an OWL replacement on Information Security grounds.
  3. The OWL portal doesn’t support TLS versions above 1.0 (see point 1).  This will become an issue in March when the major browser vendors start dropping support for TLS 1.0.


How are we doing it?

A new VRF has been deployed across Odin (campus backbone) with its gateway being a new pair of servers running pfSense.  On changeover day, your OWL FroDo port is simply associated with the new VRF.  This allows us to easily roll out on a FroDo by FroDo basis and revert if necessary.


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Hydra – a new DNS/IPAM platform

We are pleased to announce the forthcoming launch of Hydra – our new DNS and IP Address Management platform.

This will replace the current DNS web management tool.



The last DNS update for the current system will be at 18:00 on Friday, 29 November 2019.

Hydra will go live during the morning of Tuesday, 03 December 2019.

There will be an Early Life Support period until the end of January 2020 during which the Hostmaster team will make edits on your behalf.


Things to do now as ITSS01

Check the lists of domains and subnets to make sure your Unit owns all the resources you think it should.  There’s also a handy summary list.  Please contact <networks@it.ox.ac.uk> to claim any you believe you should own.

Unless you’re happy to be the only person able to edit your Unit’s DNS records, you’ll need to gain access to Groupstore so that you can edit the your Unit’s members group.

Read the help pages and also play in the sandpit.  The sandpit uses a non-production database so you can try things out without worrying about affecting live data.

Book onto one of two ITSS sessions (15 and 24 October) where you can ask any questions you may have.


Things to do now as ITSS

Ask your ITSS01 to add you to your Unit’s Groupstore IPAM Group if you want to be able to edit DNS records.

Read the help pages and also play in the sandpit.  The sandpit uses a non-production database so you can try things out without worrying about affecting live data.

Book onto one of two ITSS sessions (15 and 24 October) where you can ask any questions you may have.


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DC Distributor FroDo – Upgrades November 2019


We would like to announce the upgrade of the version of Comware running on our DC Distributor FroDos. This follows on from the recent upgrade of all customer FroDos during September and the start of this month.

This blog entry aims to answer the majority of questions that this work will raise. Please, however, feel free to contact the Networks team with any further questions at networks@it.ox.ac.uk


As part of ongoing maintenance it is essential that we keep our FroDo software up to date. The new version of software being deployed addresses a number of vulnerabilities and bugs. This takes us from R2612H01 to R2702 for these devices.


All DC Distributor FroDos are HPE 5940’s running in an IRF pair. As a result, we can use the HPE In Service Software Update (ISSU) feature which aims to minimise impact to traffic passing through the FroDo pair as it is upgraded.

The DC distributors do run a variety of customer annexe connections into the DC sites Frodo and this information is listed within Huggin. Just enter the name or frodo number. Any customers who do not have an aggregated annexe connection across both devices will be affected as the single device they connect to reloads. The reload time for a HPE 5940 is ~10 minutes.

Finally, we have recently migrated several services from the old service spine onto pairs of DC distributors. With that in mind I have provided a list, in upgrade order, of the central services that are hosted on each device.

It is important to remember that we have resilience in the form of IRF as well as the service being provided from two distinct dcdist FroDos. However, as with all upgrades, there is an element of risk and therefore the services themselves should be considered at risk during the upgrade window.

Upgrade Schedule

Tuesday 5th November

dcdist-usdc-1 (frodo-120809) (07:00)


Thursday 7th November

 dcdist-edc (frodo-030403) (07:00)


dcdist-roq (frodo-050911) (07:30) This device rescheduled for 22/11 07:00


Tuesday 12th November

dcdist-beach(frodo-120601) (07:00)


dcdist-orc(frodo-100912) (07:30)


Thursday 14th November

 dcdist-ind(frodo-030812) (07:00)


dcdist-mus(frodo-120610) (07:30)


Tues 19th November

dcdist-beg(frodo-050909) (07:00)
dcdist-osney(frodo-030811) (07:30)


Thursday 22nd November

dcdist-roq (frodo-050911) (07:00)


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Frodo Upgrades 2019

FroDo Comware Upgrade

We would like to announce a staged upgrade of the version of Comware running on our HPE 5510 and 5940 FroDos. This blog entry aims to answer the majority of questions that this work will raise. Please, however, feel free to contact the Networks team with any further questions at networks@it.ox.ac.uk

NOTE: This does not include upgrading the dcdist FroDos – these will be upgraded as a separate task in due course.


As part of ongoing maintenance it is essential that we keep our FroDo software up to date. The new versions of software being deployed address a number of vulnerabilities and bugs. For those interested this upgrade takes us from R1309P06 to R1311P02 for HPE 5510 devices and R2612H01 to R2702 for HPE 5940s. In total this change involves over 330 devices.

Addressed Vulnerabilities


  • Symptom: CVE-2018-15473

Condition: OpenSSH is prone to a user-enumeration vulnerability. An attacker may leverage this issue to harvest valid user accounts, which may aid in brute-force attacks. OpenSSH through 7.7 are vulnerable; other versions may also be affected.


Information about the detail of vulnerabilities can be found at https://cve.mitre.org/cve/search_cve_list.html



The expected impact is ~5-10 minutes for Option 1 customers during which time the FroDo will reload and external services will not be available. For Option 2 customers the impact is expected to be minimal thanks to the In Service Software Upgrade (ISSU) capability.

We will be carrying out the upgrades between 06:30 and 08:00 to minimise impact.


We plan to upgrade approximately 80 FroDo’s on each of the following days:

Group A: Thursday 19th September
Group B: Tuesday 24th September
Group C: Thursday 26th September
Group D: Tuesday 1st October



We have attempted, where possible, to group devices around main sites and annexes so that those sites will only see one period of disruption from this upgrade schedule. Detailed schedules listing devices and dates can be found at https://docs.ntg.ox.ac.uk/pub/reference/odin-frodo-software-upgrade-september-october-2019


Once again, if you have any further queries then please contact us at networks@it.ox.ac.uk


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What happens to mail you mark as spam?

This blog post hasn’t spun out of any particular instance, but I sometimes get the feeling that clicking the “Mark as SPAM” button in a mail client isn’t completely understood by everyone, which isn’t surprising as everything that follows is what could happen rather than what actually does happen. These scenarios are up to a combination of sending domain and receiving domain policies to bring into force. The take-home message should be to not mark legitimate emails as SPAM. If it’s a mailing list, then unsubscribe; if it’s a hot email thread involving your co-workers, create an inbox rule to mute the thread; if it’s incessant “shared” emails from a relative ask them to stop!

Without further ado, this is what could happen if you mark an email as SPAM:

The email gets deleted in your mailbox

The starter for 10; there’s little point in you marking an email as SPAM if it didn’t get removed from your INBOX. I’m sure many people have clicking the SPAM button and the Delete button as equivalent actions. One particularly nasty UI decision of a web based mail client once required a single click to mark an email as spam, but two to delete the email. Of course people took the path of less resistance and clicked the SPAM button rather than the delete button, which wasn’t great because of the scenarios that follow.

The sending domain/server gets blocked or similar emails to other recipients get emails sent to junk

One person’s SPAM is another person’s genuine enhancement pills newsletter. OK, an email advertising stamina enhancing drugs is perhaps a silly example, but if you’re getting regular emails from a mailing list, you may be doing a disservice to other subscribers who want to receive these emails when you mark them as SPAM. Some mail providers handle this better than others, but there is a risk that if you mark an email as spam when it isn’t, other’s will not receive the email into their INBOX.

Postmaster may get a copy of your email

This is probably the least known aspect of SPAM management. When you mark an email as such, the sending domain potentially has the ability to request information about the spam message, including the full message’s contents. You will have to read the T&Cs of your mail provider, but I wouldn’t be surprised if yours has a clause saying that mail you marked as SPAM has different privacy levels as your legitimate mail.

How does this forwarding back to the sending domain happen? This varies based on receiving domain. Using Microsoft as an example of how you can do it, they have a Junk Mail Reporting Program (JMRP) where you can enroll your sending servers. Any email marked as spam that was sent from these servers is sent a copy to a configurable email address.

Now that the sending server has a copy of the “SPAM”, how is it analyzed? I’ll leave that to your imagination, but not every company has the ability to use just artificial intelligence. Some human interaction may be involved.


Don’t mark genuine email as SPAM! It’s in everyone’s interest.

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The Clam Closes

We use a lot of open source software in our team and we try to contribute a little back to the community when we can.  The central mail relay, Oxmail, had been using ClamAV since sometime between 2003 and 2005 and when we discovered that we could host a public mirror of the signature databases we set one up in 2007.

This was an apache vhost on our team webserver running on a trusty IBM eServer xSeries 336.  That server was only recently decommissioned after having given 12 years of faultless production service.  In 2013, the mirror was moved to a dedicated webserver running in a VM.

The ClamAV project was acquired by Sourcefire in 2007, which itself was acquired by Cisco in 2013.  Over the summer, Cisco changed the DNS records that clients should use to find a mirror to point to Cloudflare’s content delivery network.  Our mirror still received thousands of hits per day from clients that had presumably hard-coded our mirror’s IP address in their config.  We recently learnt that Cisco had silently stopped updating the signature databases on volunteer mirrors and so our mirror was serving stale data.  We considered it better to stop serving altogether rather than to give clients out-of-date signatures and so switched off our mirror today.

In our busiest month over the past 11 years of service, our mirror served up 17 TB of data at a peak transfer rate of 8 Gb/s.

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September 2018 – Odin 5940 FroDo Comware Upgrade – Additional full reboots required

From both my last post and my colleague Rob Perkins’ previous post, you’ll see that we’ve had some fun and games recently with updating the software on the FroDos provisioned on the HPE 5940 platform.

Whilst these FroDos represent a relatively small proportion of the Odin FroDo estate (<10%), this has been enough to create a reasonable amount of work for us (and I imagine for you as ITSS also). Sadly this has also resulted in unplanned and unavoidable disruptions to Odin service for affected customers. For this we can only sincerely apologise and rest assured, we are feeding all of this back to HPE in an effort to improve the situation moving forward.

It should perhaps be noted that the vast majority of customers on the HPE 5510 platform (which also happens to be currently undergoing a software update – see my colleague Mike’s post) would not have been subject to the unplanned disruptions mentioned in this post.


So what went wrong?

Essentially nothing from a hard-line technical perspective. The update involves both a main code update and a ‘hot’ patch (the latter of these we were provided with by HPE support to fix numerous issues which are documented in our previous posts). There’s nothing particularly extraordinary about any of that.

However what is unusual perhaps, is that the (so called) hot patch actually addresses some resource issues we’ve been seeing with this platform which involves re-juggling TCAM memory allocation on the switch. This is to allocate more resources in favour of some features which were struggling before in our implementation (control plane stuff like PIM multicast routing and OSPFv3 for instance) away from others which we aren’t using.

What we didn’t know until during the update process and as part of the support cases we subsequently opened with HPE, was that only a full reboot would complete the upgrade properly. Sadly it also seems that HPE hadn’t documented this clearly in their release notes which we are working with them to resolve.

Because the aforementioned additional reboot in general hasn’t happened during the upgrades so far, the L2 annexe VSI connectivity problem some units have observed and other issues we’ve seen so far are the result of a lack of resources. This issue can only be resolved permanently via the full reboot.


What do you mean ‘full’ reboot?

So a full reboot in this context is a reload of all switches involved in an Odin FroDo provision simultaneously.

This means in practice that regardless of whether your unit opted for Odin provisioning options 0-1 (you have only one switch operating as your FroDo) or if you opted for option 2 (you have two switches logically operating together in an IRF to act as one for resiliency purposes), your 5940 FroDo (or FroDo pair) will be down entirely during the reboot cycle. For option 2 customers this is a rare event as most upgrades can be carried out using the In-Service Software Update (ISSU) capability (as was our original intention with this one).

If you’re unsure of what your unit opted for, then you can check via the Huginn portal here.

If you’re still unclear about what the Odin provisioning options are, or what they mean, you should consult the Odin SLD and associated information here.


So what’s the plan moving forward?

A small number of 5940 FroDos have had their upgrade and full reboots already.

The remaining ones will need to have their full reboot and this is scheduled as follows:

Thursday 11th October
frodo-030809    dcdist-br           - 7.00am
frodo-100907    welcome-trust       - 7.00am
frodo-120601    beach-2             - 7.30am
frodo-100909    orcrb-2             - 7.30am
Tuesday 16th October
frodo-120809    dcdist-usdc         - 7.00am
frodo-120810    molecular-medicine  - 7.00am
frodo-030811    dcdist-osney        - 7.30am


The expected outage whilst each reboot completes is approximately 10 minutes.


Is this really necessary?

Unfortunately yes. We’ve weighed up the potential consequences of doing nothing vs undertaking the additional reboots and we just aren’t comfortable with the former. This is because doing nothing has the potential to introduce difficult to diagnose issues resulting from potential TCAM exhaustion later on.

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September 2018 – Odin 5940 Frodo Upgrade – Take 2

Odin 5940 FroDo Comware Upgrade (reattempt)

We would like to announce a staged upgrade of the version of Comware running on our HPE 5940 FroDos for those that were not completed last time around. This blog entry aims to answer the majority of questions that this work will raise. Please, feel free to contact the Networks team with any further questions at networks@it.ox.ac.uk

What Happened Last time & Remediation Steps Moving Forward

Essentially we encountered an unexpected issue the last time around with unit L2 annexe connectivity not being re-established following the application of a hot patch which is part of the upgrade. This is strange as the MAC learning continues to work which initially gave us the impression last time around that all was well. This issue is logged as a support case with our vendor HPE and unfortunately to date, they’ve been unable to replicate the issue we had. We’ll therefore be seeking their availability on a remote session for at least one option 1 and option 2 upgrade to ensure that if the issue recurs we can get their eyeballs on to it.

In the meantime, we have a workaround which is to ‘turn it off and turn it on again’. Seriously, should the issue recur the workaround is to shut down the L2VPN Virtual Switching Instance (VSI) serving the annexe connection on the affected FroDo and then re-enable it which we’ll do in instances should it proves necessary to re-establish connectivity post-upgrade.


I shan’t be repeating what Rob Perkins said in his original post. If you’d like to know why this upgrade is needed, please read his original post here.


The expected impact is ~5-10 minutes for Option 1 customers during which time the FroDo will reload and external services will not be available. For Option 2 customers the impact is expected to be minimal thanks to the In Service Software Upgrade (ISSU) capability.

Because we wish to get this completed before the start of Michaelmas term, we will be carrying out the upgrades as per the  accelerated schedule below. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused by these upgrades.


Thursday 20th September
frodo-120601 beach-2 - 7.30am
frodo-120809 dcdist-usdc (option 2) - 8.00am

Tuesday 25th September
frodo-120810 molecular-medicine - 7.00am
frodo-050909 dcdist-beg (formerly begbroke-iat-1 - option 2) - 7.30am

Wednesday 26th September
frodo-120812 john-radcliffe-3 - 7.00am
frodo-100908 richard-doll (option 2) - 7.30am
frodo-120811 big-data-institute (option 2) - 8.00am


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