Mobile users on Nexus

As part of our upgrade plans we needed to have a better grasp of the numbers of mobile Nexus  users and, more importantly, what they’re using to connect up to our service.

I have therefore started documenting monthly statistics of devices that have used Nexus in the last thirty days.  After two datasets have been collected there are the beginnings of some (mildly) interesting figures. Note that to avoid listing dozens of obscure products the table here only shows those devices used by at least 100 Nexus users.

Mobile devices (those used by at least 100 users only)

The top mobile device connecting to Nexus is of course the iPhone. Apple’s iPad also represents a heavy proportion of our users although iPod usage has dipped, perhaps indicating the start of a trend.

Android trends are a little harder to see because of the way that different manufacturers choose to identify their products. We have over 200 devices that don’t figure in this data because only the IMEI is supplied to our servers, in lieu of proper identification.

Devices that only use the generic identifier of ‘Android’ represent a group almost as numerous as the iPad although the manufacturer isn’t exactly obvious from such a broad identifer. To try and make sense of numerous model versions I have collected together all of HTC’s assorted product offerings into a single group. By doing this HTC more obviously represents the next largest manufacturer, of Nexus mobile clients, after Apple.

I should perhaps have also collected together Samsung’s products in the same way – it would be 366 and 315 devices for September and October respectively – but I chose to leave them separate due to personal bias: I own a Galaxy S2. I’ve only shown the two Galaxy models here as the other Samsung models were used by fewer than 100 Nexus users.

The number of still-active PocketPC users was also a surprise – I didn’t think many would still be using one in anger. And the figures for Nokia are perhaps an indication of just how far that manufacturer has fallen from grace.

One final note – Windows Phone users weren’t yet numerous enough to feature prominently here but, admittedly from a very low starting point of 47 in September, the numbers of Windows Phone users is up by 25% in a month. I’ll continue to collect these figures and, if they’re sufficiently interesting, they’ll appear here too in due course.

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  1. Ricky says:

    Glad to know that Windows Phone users had visited Nexus 47 times. It is a growing platform. Have you managed to notice more visits from WP users? Do HTC category consist of WP and Android users together? I would love to know the recent numbers 🙂