Linux and Microsoft Teams

The fifth most-requested feature for Teams is a client for Linux. This simple request has garnered over five thousand votes since it was first posted two years ago.

Since Microsoft are slowly moving away from Skype clients, pushing communications functions into the Teams application, this will clearly become more of an issue as time goes on. In the current documentation Microsoft state that Meetings work on Chrome 59 (and later). Firefox users are effectively being told that they should replace their browser.

There is a convoluted work-around to permit video calls and presentations to work but it’s very much a fudge: it effectively persuades the server that you’re running the Edge browser.

However, as of yesterday, it seems that there may be a hint of progress. Some engineering time may even be being allocated to resolving these issues. In a tweet yesterday Microsoft’s Suphatra Rufo gave a hint that there may be progress.

If you are a Linux user and need a proper Teams client please add your voice here:

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