Teams and sidebar pinning

Microsoft have reported an issue which is affecting a number of their education tenancies, including ours. The issue is that when a user pins an app to their sidebar in Teams it may be removed automatically. Affected users sees a message like the one below:


However the management setting in our administrative console is set to ‘Allow User Pinning’ – this is not happening because of an administrative decision taken by the Nexus Team, and has not been set in any of our App-related policies. Other Universities have reported the same issue and are working with Microsoft to resolve this.  Microsoft support staff have said:

“I have reached out to the engineering team regarding the case and have found that this has been already noted and the team is actively working on the issue. This behaviour is found with most of the EDU tenants. I’m glad to tell you that a fix for this is already being developed and would be in future releases for teams.”



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