Are you in?

Dave Ferriero, the Archivist of the United States

The RunCoCo project has been diverted from this blog with our own community collections: Woruldhord, Erster Weltkrieg in Alltagsdokumenten – and with preparing for our forthcoming conference Beyond 2011: Crowdsourcing for public engagement. However I felt RunCoCo must briefly point to this excellent programme from David S. Ferriero the Archivist of the United States: ‘Are you in? Crowdsourcing and Citizen Archivist’ who is joined by the panel:

The discussion is chaired by Meredith Stewart (National Archives).

The full hour is available to watch on YouTube, and on the blog of the Archivist – ‘AOTUS: the Collector in Chief’.

We look forward to more inspiration from Beyond 2011

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