Crowdfunding – part 3

The ‘Lest We Forget’ crowdfunding campaign ran from June 5th and received a large number of contributions, from £1 and more, nearly £20,000 in all. The campaign also drew a lot of attention to the project, and offered new opportunities. That meant that even though we did not reach our original target for the collection, we will be able to run a version of the project. We are very grateful to the donors who let us receive their donations, despite not reaching the original target (the normal condition is that if a campaign does not reach its set goal, no pledges will be received). The graph gives a schematic overview of the result of the crowdfunding campaign, with the individual pledges plotted along the horizontal axis in the order they were received, and the growth of the collection indicated by the line. It is interesting to note that although there are some large contributions that stand out, the majority of the pledges are for fairly small amount. We are very pleased to see that so many individuals were interested in the project and happy to make a contribution.

Pledges received – each contribution (red bar) and overall collection (grey line)

The plan for the project now is to work with schools and community groups that want to run their own digital collection event. We will provide guidelines and training material and support the organisers in different ways (see ). There will also be an online collection site where anyone can add their material to the collection ( ). We are still looking for more opportunities, and are pursuing various avenues to be able to add to what we can offer. It is still possible to donate to the project, and we are very grateful for all contributions, large and small at :

To learn more about the project, and see how you can be involved, please visit the project webpage To donate to the project and the work it is doing, please visit Every contribution is very welcome. To contact the project team, please email us at You can also follow us and keep in touch via our facebook or twitter pages.

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