Research Support team

Left to right: Howard Noble, Meriel Patrick, James Cummings, Sebastian Rahtz, James A J Wilson, Ken Kahn, Martin Wynne

The Research Support (RS) team helps researchers by:

Providing free advice. This may be face-to-face, over email, or a Skype or telephone call. Things we can help with include:

  • Discussing, reading and commenting on funding proposal applications
  • Developing a data management plan for your project
  • Advising on suitable software or storage solutions for your research

Running events. This includes:

  • Organizing and running taught courses
  • Giving bespoke presentations for divisions, departments, or research groups
  • Organizing workshops and conferences

Working on projects. This includes:

  • Managing IT-related projects and work packages
  • Undertaking technical development work where we have expertise
  • Contributing to the development of open source software, open content, and open standards
  • Helping with recruitment – i.e. improving job specifications or participating in recruitment panels

If you have a query or would like to set up a meeting, send an email to researchsupport@it.ox.ac.uk, or visit the team page to contact one of us directly.

To find out more about our past and present work, read our 3-monthly reports, or delve into one of the blogs we maintain (links to the right).

The Research Support team is part of the Academic IT group within IT Services at the University of Oxford.

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