Training for researchers

In addition to providing advice and guidance to individual researchers, the Research Support team also offers training sessions for groups. A short course can help you orientate yourself within a new topic, or provide a refresher of key points.

ITLC courses

Members of the Research Support team regularly teach courses for IT Services’ IT Learning Centre. The ITLC covers a wide range of digital skills topics, to which Research Support team members contribute sessions on data management, data visualisation, survey tools, copyright, and more.

Courses typically range from an hour to half a day long, with some multi-session courses for more substantial subjects. The training available varies each term: more details and booking information can be found in the ITLC’s course catalogue.

Induction sessions

We are happy to provide or contribute to induction sessions for graduate students or other new researchers. Please email to discuss your requirements.

The Research Data Oxford website offers a collection of resources suitable for use in induction sessions. These are designed to give a very brief introduction to research data management.

Bespoke training sessions

We can also offer bespoke training sessions for your department, research group, or other unit. These may provide a broad overview of an area such as data management or the tools available to support research, or more detailed coverage of a specific topic. Length, content, and format can be adjusted to meet the needs of the group. Please email to discuss your requirements.

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