Digital Humanities

Virgil Solis. By Aria Nadii CC BY-NC-ND via Flickr

The Research Support team has specialist knowledge in the field of Digital Humanities: the use of digital tools and methodologies to the study of Humanities subjects.

We can advise on:

  • Digital Humanities tools and methodologies, including software selection and use
  • Funding opportunities for Digital Humanities
  • Information about relevant activities in other Universities and domains
  • Conferences, workshops and training opportunities related to Digital Humanities
  • Appropriate international standards or communities of practice in numerous domains

We can help by:

  • Running training events or workshops
  • Reading and providing feedback on technical aspects of funding proposals
  • Providing advisory sessions to help plan and carry out your research
  • Linking you up with other colleagues using similar methods

We have a long history of involvement in external activities such as advising funders and policy makers, organising conferences and workshops, reviewing papers and funding proposals, developing standards and guidelines, sustaining and preserving digital data, and participating as digital specialists in research projects.

We are always happy to receive enquiries. Please contact us at

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