Things to do with Data – a series of lunchtime talks (Hilary Term, 2015)

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The ‘Things to do with Data’ series of Wednesday lunchtime talks is back! Aimed at researchers from all disciplines who generate, gather, rearrange, or re-purpose data, this series looks at software, services, and techniques to help you make the most of that data. Covering aspects of data management from planning to re-use, these talks are intended to inspire whilst also considering the practical requirements of research funders and issues surrounding data sharing.

Once again we bring you a wide-ranging and varied selection of talks from different academic disciplines and concerning different types of data. This term we will be hearing about how the Semantic Web is being used by scholars in the humanities, how chemical biology data can be crunched and analyzed using advanced software tools, how data sharing can benefit global health research, how the new Oxford data repository can help you preserve your data over the long term, and, of course, much, much  more.

Researchers working with data may also be interested in another series of talks the Research Support team is offering this term – on Data visualization.

The programme and talks from the Michaelmas 2014 ‘Things to do with Data’ talks are available from

This term’s programme is as follows:

28th January, 2015 (week 2)‘Things to do with data: The CLARIN European Research Infrastructure‘ – Martin Wynne talks about CLARIN, a Europe-wide research infrastructure for language resources and tools of various types that provides data services for the humanities and social sciences.
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4th February, 2015 (week 3)‘Things to do with data: Networking Ancient People: lessons from the SNAP:DRGN project’ – Sebastian Rahtz introduces the SNAP-DRGN project and talks about how they are using the Semantic Web to address the challenges of linking large sets of data about people for humanities research.
Presentation to appear shortly

11th February, 2015 (week 4) - Cancelled.

18th February, 2015 (week 5) -Things to do with data: Taming University Chemical Biology Knowledge’ – Brian Marsden talks about ChemBioHub, an Oxford-based project providing tools and infrastructure to facilitate data and knowledge sharing and collaboration between researchers working in departments engaging with chemical biology.
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25th February, 2015 (week 6) – ‘Things to do with data: The Oxford Research Data Archive (ORA-Data)’Amanda Flynn from the Bodleian Libraries introduces ORA Data – Oxford’s very own institutional data repository. If you have data to archive, or wish to make data you’ve archived elsewhere more discoverable, this talk and demonstration will help explain how ORA Data can help.
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4th March, 2015 (week 7) - ‘Things to do with data: Data Science as a Service’ – Pouria Amirian speaks about how ‘big data’ can be used to improve healthcare.
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The talks will be hosted by the Research Support team and the IT Learning Programme, and will be held at IT Services in the 13 Banbury Road building.

All talks begin at 12:30 and conclude at 1:30.

We hope to see lots of you there!

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